Two-Thirds Of Americans Don’t Approve Of Donald Trump Declaring A National Emergency Over Border Wall

It seems the overwhelming majority of Americans didn’t want Donald Trump to declare a national emergency over wall-funding.

Earlier this week, President Trump declared a national emergency after signing a spending bill which compromised on his demand of $5.6 billion for the wall. He himself admitted that the situation didn’t necessitate declaring an emergency, but argued that it was the only means to help secure the border.

On Sunday, Trump aides appeared on cable news networks insisting that Trump’s decision to declare the emergency was done in the national interest, with Stephen Miller even claiming that illegal immigration at the southern border was responsible for America’s struggle with drugs, as reported by the Inquisitr.

But despite these claims, ordinary Americans appear not to have been impressed. According to the results of a CNN poll conducted in early February, only three-in-ten Americans approve of Trump’s decision. As noted in the article accompanying the results of the poll, it is not the only indication of Americans disapproving of Trump’s plan of declaring an emergency to have his way.

Five other polls conducted last month, including two from Quinnipiac University, one from Monmouth University, one from Fox News, and one from ABC/Washington Post, all showed around one-third support and two-thirds opposition for executive action over wall-funding.

Not surprisingly, the widest disapproval for Trump’s executive move was among the Democrats, with 96 percent of them saying that Trump shouldn’t declare a national emergency over wall-funding. Among independents, that figure came down to 63 percent not approving of Trump’s decision, while 31 percent of Republicans also said that Trump shouldn’t declare an emergency if Congress failed to meet his initial demand.

More remarkably, even among Trump voters, the support for an executive decision is not overarching. Nearly three-in-ten Trump voters said that they didn’t agree with the president’s plan, showing that despite what the White House may claim, the action to declare an emergency is not the most popular Trump move.

But despite the wide disapproval, Americans seem to be generally pleased with the fact that at least another government shutdown has not occurred. Even if no agreement had been reached, a majority of Americans didn’t want to see Trump ordering another partial government shutdown. Last month’s 35-day-long shutdown, which had seen nearly 800,000 federal workers go without pay, was the longest in American history.

Two years after his election, 56 percent of voters are still against Trump’s entire idea of building a border wall over the southern border, but that figure has come down.

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