Fans React To Lip & Fiona’s Bond Breaking In Tonight’s ‘Shameless’ Episode

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Season 9 is just a few episodes away from its conclusion, and it hasn’t been the best season for Fiona (Emmy Rossum). After fighting and clawing her way to the top, the eldest Gallagher sibling has lost everything, including her boyfriend and her job. As fans who have been watching the series from the start know, when a Gallagher falls – they fall hard.

Rossum’s character has taken a page from her father’s playbook for the duration of Season 9 as she takes to drinking at all hours of the day, causing chaos, expecting respect, and falling asleep in random places.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers.

As the Inquisitr revealed in a spoiler preview of tonight’s episode, Lip (played by Jeremy Allen White) is finally pushed to the breaking point with his sister and her actions. After several heated conversations throughout the episode, it comes to a close with Lip telling his older sister he wants her out of the house.

From the very first episode of Shameless, Rossum’s character stepped into the maternal role of the household and provided her siblings with the care and nurturing they needed to survive without active parents in their lives. As her life as been spiraling out of control this season, the eldest Gallagher expected her siblings to cut her some slack after everything she’s endured to care for them and provide for them.

The question her entitled attitude leaves those watching the series with is simple: at what point in time have her siblings cut her enough slack?

In tonight’s episode, Lip has decided the answer to that question is now, as he’s had enough of his sister and her antics.

While the show hasn’t aired on television yet, anyone with a Showtime subscription may already watched the episode. Many have already taken to Twitter and Facebook fan groups to share their thoughts on the bond between Lip and Fiona breaking. For the most part, fans of the Showtime series have pretty mixed feelings.

Some – agreeing with Lip – are over the way Fiona has been acting this season. Others, however, think Lip placed blame on Fiona that she didn’t deserve.


“That was f***ed up of Lip to blame Fiona for that guy relapsing on alcohol like that. Sheesh,” one fan reacted on Twitter.

Others placed the blame on Jason falling off the wagon on him, as it wasn’t Fiona’s fault he decided to take a drink.

In one Facebook fan group, fans of the series have had a pretty intense debate all day regarding whether Lip even has the right to ask Fiona to leave the house. Part of the argument focused on the house being in Fiona’s name. While the house is not in Lip’s name, it is not in Fiona’s name either. It is actually Carl’s name on the house from his days as a drug runner.

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