February 17, 2019
Meghan Markle On A Dangerous Path To Becoming 'Diana 2.0,' Royal Biographer Claims

When Meghan Markle married into the British royal family, she reportedly wanted to follow in the late Princess Diana's footsteps and become "Diana 2.0." The two royals do share several similar qualities, but Diana may not be the greatest example for Meghan to follow, as royal biographer Andrew Morton recently pointed out.

Morton published a piece in the Telegraph on Saturday comparing Meghan to Diana, claiming that her plan to become "Diana 2.0" has backfired, according to Fox News.

"When she was a teenager Meghan talked one day about being 'Diana 2.0' but for now she is more accurately described as Meghan 1.0," he wrote.

Morton continued on to point out all the ways in which history seems to be repeating itself for the royal family since Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding in May.

"Just as Meghan has quickly morphed from Duchess Dazzling to Duchess Difficult, so in a matter of months Princess Diana was transformed from fairytale princess to a 'fiend and a monster," Morton explained.

Much like Princess Diana, the Duchess of Sussex is heavily covered in the media, but oftentimes, the reporting is quite negative. Recent reports claim that Meghan is bossy and overbearing to staff and even other members of the royal family. Her bodyguard quit in January, following several other members of staff, including Meghan's personal assistant.

Nearly the same chain of staff members resigned within months of Diana's induction into the family, according to Morton.

After so many negative reports, Princess Diana's friends anonymously came forward to speak on her behalf, the Daily Mail reported. Five of Meghan's close friends famously did the same thing this month, shutting down some of the rumors about the pregnant Duchess in an interview with People.

In addition, Morton believes that neither Meghan nor Diana were ready to take on royal life.

"Though Meghan and Diana were from totally different backgrounds, generations and upbringing, neither were remotely prepared for their royal lives that lay ahead. Meghan was red-carpet, not royal family-ready," he said.

Paparazzi did follow Diana much more closely than they are Meghan. The princess died tragically during a car crash in Paris in 1997 after allegedly attempting to outrun reporters.

It is said that Prince Harry and brother Prince William are now enforcing strict privacy laws to protect their wives from the same danger.

Joining the royal family ultimately caused a rift between Meghan and her family, which Morton described as the root of much of the negative coverage about the Duchess. Diana experienced the same troubles with her own mother. Both royals have taken to press offices in an effort to have negative stories denied.

"It is remarkable how these two women, lifetimes and worlds apart, have enjoyed so many Sliding Doors moments," Morton concluded.