February 16, 2019
Lolo Jones Calls Ricky Williams A 'False Prophet' After 'Celebrity Big Brother' Backstab

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 might be done and over with, but that doesn't mean the houseguests are over the drama of the last three weeks. Tamar Braxton was crowned the big winner of Season 2 after winning crucial competitions and forming alliances with some of the strongest players in the house. Her bond with former NFL player Ricky Williams proved one of the strongest in the house when he decided to take her to the final two over Lolo Jones and Dina Lohan.

Lolo was in an alliance with Ricky for most of the season and also had a strong relationship with him, much like Tamar. It seemed more than certain that Ricky would take Lolo to the final two after he won the final Head of Household (HOH) competition and was given the power to evict two houseguests on his own. When Ricky chose Tamar to go with him to the end, the live audience and viewers at home gasped at the betrayal of his friend, and Lolo was just as shocked. The Olympian is still taking her frustration out on the backstab in a new Instagram post.

In the new post, via Gold Derby, Lolo calls Ricky a "false prophet" and slams her former friend in the comment section of her photo.

"I was loyal to Ricky … and Nat [Eva Marie] the entire game. I saved Ricky multiple times from being back doored. In the end he was not loyal to me, who was beyond loyal to him. He's a false prophet. He spews wisdom and contradicts his own advice. Example: the whole season he said no deals … then he gets mad I didn't take his one sided deal bc I wanted to honor everyone in the final. I've lose a lot in my Career. A TON. I'm not mad I lost, I am mad Ricky posed as a genuine friend."
Ricky was being a loyal and genuine friend on finale night, it just wasn't with Lolo. In order to win Big Brother, backstabbing moves have to be made once in a while and players might have to make promises they don't intend to keep.Lolo has made several comments since her eviction about Ricky winning second place and has taken jabs at his prize money. When speaking with Julie Chen after she was given the boot, Lolo noted that Ricky would only be walking with about $20,000 to $30,000 after agent fees and taxes. She repeated that line again in the comment section of an Instagram post and defended herself to viewers saying she was being shady.

Big Brother Season 21 airs this June on CBS. Julie Chen is set to return as host.