February 16, 2019
Dina Lohan's Ex-Husband Michael Says Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years Is Legit Even Though She Never Met Him In Person

Dina Lohan's family is defending her unusual dating situation. The Celebrity Big Brother star made headlines after dishing about her boyfriend of five years, a man she swears she will someday marry despite having never met in person.

In a surprising confession to her Celebrity Big Brother housemates, the 56-year-old reality star revealed that she has never met or Facetimed her boyfriend of five years in person. Lohan, who lives in New York, explained that her longtime love lives in San Francisco, and can't leave because he takes care of his elderly mother. Fellow Big Brother houseguests Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton cried "catfish" when they heard about Dina Lohan's beau, but now Lohan's family is speaking out in her defense.

In an interview with Access, Dina Lohan's ex-husband Michael revealed that he actually spoke to Dina's man on the phone. The mystery man -- identified by MTV's Catfish host Nev Schulman -- is named Jesse Nadler.

Nadler, a 53-year-old Tiburon, California resident, reached out to Michael Lohan via Facebook, and they later talked "for over an hour." Michael Lohan recalled that in addition to a detailed text exchange, Nadler sent him snapshots of his communication with Dina to "prove himself to be true."

"He called, we spoke for over an hour," Michael Lohan said, adding that his conversation with Nadler "got into great detail."

Michael described Dina's boyfriend as "a really nice guy with a good heart." Michael also said that he likes the guy and that he is happy for his ex-wife, whom he divorced in 2007. Michael Lohan described Dina and Jesse as "perfect for each other."

"Because they plan on a face to face at the end of the show, I feel it's appropriate talking about this to put the rumors to rest," Michael Lohan explained.

In addition to her ex-husband, Dina Lohan's famous daughter has some strong feelings about her relationship. While Lindsay Lohan originally asked her mom to stop with the "weird catfish," as previously shared by the Inquisitr, she later blasted Tamar Braxton on Twitter for "creating the catfish statement" about her mother.

Of course, Big Brother fans will want to follow Dina Lohan's eventual face-to-face meeting with her man. Catfish host Nev Schulman has promised there is much more to this story.

"Found @dinalohan's boyfriend...but his story is way bigger than I could have ever imagined," the Catfish host explained on Twitter. "Much much more coming soon."