February 15, 2019
Spoilers For Episode 7 Of 'The Bachelor': Tayshia Gets A One-On-One With Colton And Spills Some Tea

Colton Underwood is struggling with the decisions he is facing on The Bachelor, and spoilers suggest that his next round of dates may muddle things even further. A new sneak peek shared by ABC is dishing out some details, and it looks like Tayshia Adams will be front-and-center in Episode 7 as it airs on Monday, February 18.

As the Inquisitr has shared, Tayshia Adams will be one of three ladies to get a one-on-one date with Colton during the next show that was filmed in Denver, Colorado. It has been detailed that Tayshia and Colton will casually hang out in his hometown of Denver, but it looks like she'll also share some insight that will rattle him to an extent.

At the end of the most recent episode, Adams was seen making a comment about how she might need to spill the tea to Underwood. The Bachelor spoilers hint that she will do just that, as an ABC sneak peek makes a reference to this happening.

In the ABC preview of the date between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Colton, Underwood will mention how Tayshia told him some things. However, he notes, he believes there are two sides to every story so he wants to learn more. He'll want some clarity from Caelynn, and it sounds as if this is about the conversation that Caelynn and Cassie Randolph reportedly had earlier in the season.

'Bachelor' Colton Underwood with Tayshia Adams and his dog Sniper
ABC | Josh Vertucci

According to gossip king Reality Steve, Caelynn and Cassie talked about an interest in being the next Bachelorette and other women heard this. The other ladies took the conversation as insincerity in getting engaged to Colton, and it's becoming a big elephant in the room. While Tayshia will apparently talk with the Bachelor star about this, other spoilers signal that this one-on-one with Adams will mostly be lighthearted and fun.

The preview of Tayshia and Colton's one-on-one shared by ABC shows that they'll walk around Denver with his dog, and Adams will feel quite special to have this specific outing with Underwood. They'll eat oysters, taste wine, and sample some ice cream as they embrace this time together. While Tayshia admits she's a little nervous about the outing, she seems to open up and share some very affectionate moments with Colton.

The episode synopsis from ABC details that Adams will spend part of this date being serious as she "reveals the women who may be deceiving" Underwood. The Bachelor spoilers also note that the two will talk about the upcoming hometown dates.

Colton Underwood and Tayshia Adams will connect well during this date, and Bachelor spoilers have indicated that she will get a rose. Episode 7 airing on Monday, February 18, will give fans a great look at the chemistry between these two, and viewers cannot wait to check it out.