February 15, 2019
Alexis Ohanian Reveals How He And Serena Williams Keep The Romance Alive

Even though they already have over one year of marriage and one child under their belts, Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams still know how to keep the romance alive.

The Reddit founder recently sat down with Glamour, where he revealed to readers how he and Serena are still able to keep their relationship going strong. While he is a hopeless romantic in some aspects and surprises Williams with trips to Venice and putting up billboards in her honor, there's one Sunday tradition in particular that they share every week that they're together.

Alexis shared that when he was growing up, his dad would make breakfast every Sunday morning and the whole family would feast on pancakes. He's now continuing that tradition with his family - wife Serena and daughter Alexis Olympia - and he couldn't be happier about it.

"So on Sunday mornings, I make breakfast for the family and it doesn't cost me a thing, except for gluten-free flour (I had to modify Dad's recipe a bit), some eggs, almond milk, a secret ingredient, and berries. Olympia loves raspberries."
And there's one other rule to go along with their family breakfast — no phones are allowed. Alexis says that no phones give them a chance to focus on each other without any other distractions.

"And we'll spend the day together lounging around the house, or playing hide-and-seek, or going for a swim in the pool. Just being a family on those days means so much to both of us — more than a billboard, a video montage, or a whirlwind trip to Italy," he shares. "And before you ask: No, I won't tell you my pancake recipe."

And since the pair both have busy schedules with Ohanian traveling to give speeches and do other things for his company, Reddit, and Williams playing in tennis tournaments all over the globe, it does take some logistics planning to make sure they're together. Now, the couple uses Google calendar to compare their schedules at the beginning of the year and try to make sure that they don't go for more than a week without seeing each other.

He also credits Google calendar for making it easy for the couple to see each other's schedules and be able to plan phone calls or even FaceTime calls and things like that when they need to spend time apart. Ohanian also shares that since their daughter Olympia was born, things were taken to a whole new level and he feels the need now more than ever to show up and be present in her life.

It's nice to see that despite their busy schedules, they're still able to make things work and be a great couple.