February 16, 2019
T.I. Disses Floyd Mayweather In Scathing New Song

He might not release tracks like he used to, but rapper T.I. found an excuse to drop some new material last night with the Floyd Mayweather Jr. diss, "F**k N***a." The track is aimed at Mayweather's continued support of Gucci, despite calls to boycott the clothing brand following a blackface scandal, reports Bossip.

T.I. raps on the record, "Damn, it must suck to be a f**k n**a/Ol' greedy ass n**a only thinking 'bout himself. They get the fame, then get the wealth/But people are struggling, who did you help?"

Not one to take a hit lying down, Mayweather took to Instagram to release a rebuttal to T.I.'s accusations. In his statement, the boxing champ claims that the public condemnation of Gucci by celebrities is hypocritical "fake advocacy." Complex reported that in his message, Mayweather is certain that all the outrage over blackface is insincere.

"In this day, celebrities and failing artist [sic] pick and choose the hottest trending topic as a means of seeking attention and using fake advocacy as their platform when their talent no longer benefit [sic] them [...]. 50 also writes that the same celebrities "stirring the pot" over brands they will continue to buy are the same artists that rap about violent, controversial topics that are tainting the Black Community they pretend to care about."

50 Cent goes on to mention his staunch support of Gucci designer Dapper Dan. 50 accuses others of shopping at high-end boutiques while failing to support Dan."Most of you...didn't think twice about leaving our Brother and Legendary Designer behind until Gucci put their stamp back on him and that's where your hypocrital [sic] outrage should be." Dapper Dan has also expressed his condemnation of the Gucci sweater.

Of course, this is not the first altercation between the two celebrities. Bossip reported in 2014 that T.I. approached Mayweather at a restaurant in Las Vegas and attempted to attack him. Sources say the incident was over T.I.'s wife, Tiny. Rumors persisted about Tiny making trips to Vegas to spend time behind her husband's back. At a press conference, Mayweather confirmed that he and Tiny had been intimate, but eventually backtracked from the comments. However, T.I. has dealt with his fair share of cheating rumors as well, as noted on the aforementioned Bossip report.

In addition to all of that, 50 Cent has also joined the fray. Having already publicly burned his Gucci t-shirts on Instagram, the rapper decided to take a shot at his long-time enemy, Mayweather. 50 Cent edited an existing picture of the boxer, drawing the infamous Gucci sweater over his face. He topped off the Instagram post with a derisive "Get the f**k outta here Champ."