February 15, 2019
'General Hospital' Teases That Carly's Pregnancy Surprise May Be Too Much For Sonny

It was an interesting Valentine's Day on General Hospital as there was a wedding, lots of romantic encounters, and also a baby surprise for one couple. Sonny and Carly Corinthos have finally gotten to the place where they are truly happy and are there for each other no matter what. However, Carly just gave her husband the ultimate Valentine surprise. She announced that she was pregnant. Sonny's reaction isn't going to be quite what she was expecting.

Thursday's cliffhanger had Sonny in shock after Carly gave him the news that they are having another child. The General Hospital previews revealed that he may not be as happy about it as she is. It came as a complete shock for both of them, but she has had a little time to process the whole thing before she dropped the bomb on Sonny. She Knows Soaps teases that these two will be re-examining their future now that this pregnancy twist threw them for a loop.

The previews for Friday's show may have just been a teaser that Sonny may not want this baby, at least that is what Carly will think. This isn't what he had planned for their future together. He has been around with three kids with three different women. Michael isn't his biological child, but he sees him as one. Morgan was the only child that Sonny and Carly have had together, but he is gone now. Carly may feel like this is a blessing in disguise after losing her son.

Sonny, on the other hand, is probably not going to be as receptive, at least at first. It's doubtful that he will be too unhappy for very long. Once the shock of the baby news wears off, he will most likely support his wife and be happy that he will be a father once again.

That means if this pregnancy goes well, there will be an abundance of little ones filling the Corinthos household. Avery is still quite young and she is living with Sonny instead of Ava. Add in Jonah, their first grandchild that they think died last year, and there will be many pitter-patters of little feet running around once Michael gets his son back.

General Hospital fans were suspicious of Carly being the one who was pregnant after a teaser that a couple in Port Charles was going to have a Valentine surprise was released. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, there were plenty of hints on social media that were posted.

What will everyone's reaction be when they hear the news? Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see how this storyline will play out.