Watch Chris Farley's Top 10 Movie And SNL Moments On Late Actor's Birthday

Actor, comedian and former Saturday Night Live alum Chris Farley would have turned 55 today, but the legend's life was cut short at the age of 33 after a drug overdose. He starred in ten films, including comedic hits Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja and Black Sheep.

Adam Sandler, who was a close friend of Farley's, sang about the fun-loving entertainer during a tribute to him on the 21st anniversary of his death in 2018. When his buddy died, "The party came to an end," Sandler sang in an emotional tribute song in his Netflix stand-up special Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh.

Chris Farley is gone -- but never forgotten -- and today his fans can pay tribute and watch Chris Farley's top 10 movie and SNL moments on the late actor's birthday.

1. Farley Fries (SNL)

Some of Chris Farley's funniest moments happened during his time on the show between 1990 and 1995. Likewise, some of his most laugh-worthy moments happened in the Gap Girl skits. The first Gap Girl episode featured Charles Barkley and the band Skid Row. In it, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler and David Spade are dressed in drag and are playing Gap employees that don't take their job seriously at all.

The Gap Girl gem Farley Fries is considered to be one of the top 10 funniest Chris Farley sketches of all time. However, the moment David Spade's character reminds a fry-munching Farley that she's on a diet it turns gut-bustingly funny.

2. Bat Scene (Black Sheep)

Chris Farley starred alongside long-time friend David Spade in the hilarious cult classic film Black Sheep. Hilarity ensues when the two discover a bat resting on a picture frame. Farley, of course, can't resist touching the creature, and the over-the-top antics and idiocy that result as the two try to contain it will definitely make you chuckle.

3. Chippendales Audition (SNL)

Chris Farley busted some epic dance moves beside legendary Dirty Dancer and sex symbol Patrick Swayze as they both vied for a chance to be a part of the striptease troupe Chippendales. You can't help but laugh once the music starts and the two start shaking their moneymakers. What's also bittersweet is the realization when you watch the video that we've lost both of these talented men.

4. Lunch Lady Land (SNL)

Besides making us laugh in his many movies, Adam Sandler strums a mean guitar and sings funny songs. In addition to his famous Hannukah song, he performed "Lunch Lady Land" during a skit on SNL that featured an apron-wearing and mole-faced lunch lady (Chris Farley). Farley winds up stealing the show as he and Sandler share some true comedic magic together.

Also, if you'll notice, Adam Sandler can't help from cracking up himself at the sight of his goofy, dancing buddy.

5. "That is Correct" (Billy Madison)

Chris Farley played an angry bus driver with a comb-over and mutton chops with aplomb in Billy Madison. Nevertheless, it's one particular bizarre scene between Sandler and Farley that sticks out, and you'll probably never forget when the Spanish Armada was again after watching it. The visual will also make you want to think about sandpaper to scrub out the memory of the creepily and well-played striptease the bus driver rewards Sandler's character with when he guesses the correct year the fleet sailed in 1588.

6. "Who's your favorite Little Rascal?" (Tommy Boy)

Besides starring with Chris Farley in Black Sheep, David Spade also played alongside him in the comedy Tommy Boy. In this scene from the 1995 movie, Farley's character catches Spade's playing the voyeur while watching a girl skinny dip in the hotel pool from the window. He pokes fun several times at Spade when he denies what he is really up to, but the funniest part is when Farley asks him who his favorite little rascal character is.

7. Faux Newt Gingrich (SNL)

Long before Alec Baldwin made us laugh with his President Trump impersonation, Chris Farley portrayed 50th House Speaker Newt Gingrich. When Chris Farley enters and takes the podium, Congress claps and chants, "Newt, Newt, Newt...!" Chris Farley often imitated Newt Gingrich on SNL, and his take on the Georgia politician has the entire crowd rolling, including Gingrich himself.

8. Bar Fight (Dirty Work)

You had one job, and it was to play a song appropriate for a bar fight. Unfortunately, the nutty character Chris Farley played in Dirty Work picked the wrong one for the movie's bar fight scene. Funnyman Norm MacDonald plays the lead, but, as usual, Farley is the funniest part of the clip.

9. Forgotten (Wayne's World)

Speaking of fights, there's this little forgotten cameo of Chris Farley playing a Wayne's World fanboy. The sentence he utters to main characters and rock fans Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) are absolutely "excellent" and a fitting tribute to how Farley used to "party on" in real-life.

10. Hibachi Chef (Beverly Hills Ninja)

Some of Chris Farley's most signature and successful comedic styles included joking about his husky frame and acting as if he is hurting himself in a realistic fashion. This following clip from Beverly Hills Ninja is the latter, and when he injures himself for the cameras it often makes you cringe in large part because of the genuine quality of performance he gives. Regardless, he is the polar opposite of the grace and elegance that make up a hibachi chef performance act, and the scene is one of the high points of Beverly Hills Ninja.

Bonus: El Niño (SNL)

This bonus clip shows Chris Farley at his glorious best as he discusses why all other tropical storms are inferior to El Niño. And, in case you don't know Spanish, the mirth-master lets you know what El Niño translates to in English.
Fans additionally took to social media to remember the comedian. Twitter user Alec Behan pointed out one little known fact about him: He was set to do the voice of Shrek. That honor eventually went to Mike Meyers.