‘Pirate Cave’ Discovered With Strange Treasure

A “pirate cave” has been discovered with a strange assortment of treasures.

A cave has been uncovered in Northern California’s Humboldt County, stocked with over 100 firearms, a huge stash of marijuana and several stolen vehicles. Oh, and there was also cash. Lots of cash.

Sheriffs discovered the well-camouflaged cave on the 55-acre property of 30-year old Ryan Floyd. Stolen jewelry, body armor, and several varieties of drugs were also found on his property.

Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Lieutenant Steve Knight commented on the discovery:

“This is one of the largest hauls that we’ve ever seen.”

Nearly two-dozen weapons such as Colt AR-15s and a full-auto WWII machine gun have been confirmed as stolen. Authorities claim you don’t stash a collection of weapons like that unless you plan to supply a personal militia. Others have claimed Ryan Floyd had intended to sell the weapons on the black market.

According to the Huffington Post, Ryan Floyd had also been wanted on an outstanding warrant of possession of narcotics while armed.

Ryan Floyd had drawn attention from authorities after a deputy attempted to pull over a black pickup truck. The truck had been adorned with no license plates and had been driven erratically, refusing to pull over. The driver had steered the truck down a hillside and hit a tree. The driver had already fled the vehicle by the time police reached it, and later determined that it had been stolen. Evidence that had been left in the truck after the driver had fled left Ryan Floyd a prime suspect in the case.

Humbolt Country Sheriff Mike Downey admitted that this discovery of the “pirate cave” isn’t the first time he’d seen the property in connection with illegal activity. According to NBC News, he explained that intel had been gathering concerning Ryan Floyd’s now deceased father on the property for similar charges for over ten years:

“This is a piece of property I had been to numerous times surrounding the same type of criminal activity.”

Ryan Floyd remains in police custody.

What would you do if you found a “pirate cave” filled with strange treasures?