February 14, 2019
Lolo Jones Majorly Shades Ryan Lochte On Twitter After 'Celebrity Big Brother' Finale

Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother has come to a close and Tamar Braxton is now $250,000 richer as the winner of the competition series. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Olympian Lolo Jones nabbed a spot in the final five but was sent packing by her alliance member Ricky Williams after he took home the final Head of Household. Ricky had to eliminate two out of the final four contestants and sent his friend home along with Dina Lohan.

While Lolo is likely still holding a grudge against Ricky because of his decision, her current actions on Twitter suggest she is mad at someone else from the cast. Ryan Lochte appears to be the current target of Lolo on social media as she just made a jab at her Team U.S.A. pal.

After Lolo agreed with a fan that she had gotten robbed of a final two spot on Twitter, another viewer commented that Ryan came out of the show looking like the more gracious CBB player.

"Who would've thought that Ryan Lochte would finish #CBB looking like the most mature and gracious Olympian on the show? I used to like Lolo as an athlete, but now I can't stand #locoLolo," the user tweeted.

Shortly after, another viewer responded and said Ryan is the one who wins medals at the Olympics while Lolo just loses. The viewer also added that she needed anger management and was a sore loser.

Lolo jumped in and responded to the CBB viewers by taking a major dig at Ryan.

"I also don't get escorted out of the Olympic games either or lie about a whole country," she tweeted with a shrugging emoji.

Viewers and fans were shocked at Lolo's response about Ryan and began filling up the comment section of her tweet. Dozens of users were confused about why she would go after Ryan when it was two random people making claims about her and not the swimmer himself. The medalist had nothing to do with the conversation whatsoever, but Lolo decided to throw a dagger his way.

Lolo is, of course, referring to the scandal Ryan was involved in at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. "Lochtegate," which the swimmer even addressed while in the house, referred to the incident where Ryan and several of his teammates alleged they were robbed at gunpoint at a gas station when it really wasn't the case at all. It was later revealed that the men were approached by security guards for vandalizing a gas station while they were intoxicated. The story made national news and Ryan has been seen as a villain since the incident.

The gold medalist even admitted he wanted to come on Celebrity Big Brother to help his image and so the American people could see the "real" Ryan.

At the time of his publication, Ryan has not responded to Lolo's comment.

Big Brother Season 21 airs this June on CBS. Julie Chen is set to return as the longtime host.