‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Tamar Braxton Wins Season 2

Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother came to a close on Wednesday night after a very tense two-hour season finale. In a short amount of time, the final five was narrowed down to two before the formerly evicted houseguests placed their votes for the winners.

The episode started with the final five as Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss sat on the block. It was revealed that Lolo Jones took home the seventh Power of Veto (POV) win and she decided not to use her power and kept Ricky William’s nominations the same. The only two houseguests eligible to vote were Lolo and Tamar Braxton. Lolo voted to evict Kandi, while Tamar voted to evict Dina. This meant Head of Household (HOH) Ricky had to break the tie, and he sent Kandi packing, which was confirmed on Twitter by Big Brother Daily.

Ricky then won the final HOH competition in a multiple choice quiz over the season’s events and was given the power to evict two more houseguests, choosing who he would sit with in the final two. It came as no surprise when Ricky gave Dina the first boot out of the door, but viewers were shocked when he also evicted Lolo immediately after. The studio audience gasped and Lolo was noticeably upset as she and Ricky had a deal to take one another to the final two.

When speaking with host Julie Chen, Lolo was fairly good at keeping her emotions at bay but her anger was slowly seeping out. Without saying it in so many words, Lolo made it obvious she would be voting for Tamar.

Shortly after, every evicted houseguest was on stage and it was time for them to place their votes for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. After a couple rounds of questioning and speeches from Tamar and Ricky, the votes were cast.

A unanimous vote of 9-0 crowned Tamar the winner of Season 2 and the Braxton Family Values star couldn’t have been happier as she walked out of the door $250,000 richer.

It was also revealed that actor and comedian Tom Green was selected as America’s Favorite Houseguest and was granted a $25,000 prize. This wasn’t much of a shock as Tom led in many polls throughout the season as the viewer’s favorite player and definitely had some hilarious moments in the house.

As second place player, Ricky also walked away with $50,000.

Season 21 of Big Brother will return this June with Julie returning to host.

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