Pete Davidson Jokes On Camera During Massive Asthma Attack, Calls Himself ‘Mr. Grande’

According to an article in People, former fiance to pop sensation Ariana Grande Pete Davidson was filmed having a serious asthma attack while shooting an episode from Kevin Hart’s YouTube show. Ever the joker, the Saturday Night Live star took the opportunity to refer to himself several times as “Mr. Grande” during the shoot, which took place before the couple split.

The scene was for Hart’s YouTube series Kevin Hart: What the Fit, in which Davidson guest stars. In the episode, set to be released Thursday, February 14, the pair of funnymen lends a hand to a family that is packing up to move and assists them in getting rid of some of the dead weight before they load up the moving truck.

Davidson’s quip about being “Mr. Grande” came about when he and Hart ring the family’s doorbell to offer their services, and the oldest daughter answers.

“Oh my God, you’re engaged to Ariana Grande,” she says.

“Yes I am,” he says. “I’m Mr. Grande. It’s me, the new Kevin Federline.”

But the laughter dropped off shortly after the pair enter the house. As Davidson and Hart start packing up some of the family’s belongings, Davidson asks if the family has any dogs when he notices a clump of dog hair. When the family answers that there are two pooches in the house, Davidson lets everyone know he’s extremely allergic.

“Throat closing, asthma attack. I swear. I wish this was a joke, but if someone could have an asthma pump brought to set just in case Pete dies,” he says to Hart, laughing even as his voice constricts.

Even so, Hart and Davidson managed to move a couch outside and played around in the family’s music room, jamming on guitar and drums for a bit before Davidson began having a full-on asthma attack.

“Hey, uh, guys?” Hart says, sounding genuinely concerned. “Let’s make sure that we have Pete’s death medicine. He keeps touching his throat.”

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande at an awards show

Luckily, the production had a medical team on set. Davidson is shown being given an oxygen mask and having his blood pressure taken but still manages to joke while receiving treatment.

“Yo Kev, I’ll be in in a minute,” Davidson calls out to Hart as he’s being treated. “Are we still friends?”

And the joking continued when the medic asked his name, with Davidson saying again that he’s Mr. Grande, “…but I go by Davidson.”

But the SNL funnyman recovered fine by the end of the day, feeling well enough to poke fun at some of the family’s yard sale items, and even down an entire box of pizza by himself.

Hart’s take on the harrowing day?

“Guys, I’ll be honest. Moving is a lot tougher than we thought,” Hart says.