‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Throws More Shade At Jenelle Evans, Hopes She’ll ‘Clean Up Her Act’

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans’ feud has no end in sight.

Amid the ninth season of Teen Mom 2, the women are completely at odds with one another and during a new interview with Hollywood Life, Lowry lashed out at her former friend and said she hoped she would soon “clean up her act.”

As fans will recall, Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, appeared on an Instagram Live session weeks ago where Barbara said they should “get lit and kill Kail.” A short time later, Lowry spoke to People about the issue and said she would not return to production on Teen Mom 2 until “something is done.”

While Evans and Barbara did offer public apologies after she made the shocking statement, Lowry said she never heard from either woman herself and doesn’t think an apology would change anything at this point in time.

“I don’t think it would be sincere. I don’t think it would come from a sincere place, I think it would just come because they were made to,” Lowry told Hollywood Life.

Although Lowry isn’t interested in hearing an apology from her co-star, she said she was hopeful that Evans would “clean her act up” and that she would no longer have to be concerned about being associated with her.

As fans recently saw on Teen Mom 2, Evans was heated accusing her husband, David Eason, of assaulting her and pinning her to the ground and afterward, Lowry said she felt horrible about the accusations that were made. She also confirmed she attempted to touch base with Evans after the incident to make sure everything was okay.

“I didn’t get a response from anybody. So I just leave them and their situation alone because it’s none of my business,” she explained.

Also, during her interview with Hollywood Life, Lowry spoke about the February 2018 tweets that led MTV to abruptly fire Evans’ husband from the show. As she explained, his comments were “unfortunate” and at times, she wonders if his behavior is simply the result of being raised poorly. However, when it comes down to it, she continued, she believes Eason should educate himself and learn to accept people for who they are.

Evans and Eason have been married since September 2017 and share one child together, daughter Ensley.

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