Final Fantasy Remake For Vita Resurfaces

Sony and Square Enix released video of their latest Final Fantasy remake earlier today. The remake of Final Fantasy X was originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2011, and little evidence of the title’s development has surfaced until now. According to Famitsu, this video was unveiled at the Vita Heaven event that took place earlier today.

The short clip shows a model of Tidus standing in his combat stance without a weapon in hand. The camera pans around the model with Yuna and two of her summoned aeons, Bahamut and Yojimbo, visible in the background. The camera then shifts to Yuna, who is also standing in her combat stance without a weapon in hand. The camera zooms into her face to show off details up close before the video fades away.

Square Enix is pushing the Final Fantasy remake as an HD version of the original game, but the PlayStation Vita is actually incapable of displaying content in a genuine high resolution display. Sony’s handheld has a display resolution of 960 by 540, otherwise known as qHD, a resolution with one forth the pixels of a 1080p display. This is not a substantial jump from the PlayStation 2’s VGA display, the resolution of 640 by 480 at which the original Final Fantasy X was displayed.

The game is also slated for release on the PlayStation 4, a system capable of displaying content at both 720p and 1080p, so gamers may still see an HD remake of the popular 2001 title. However, only the PlayStation Vita version is displayed in the video.

The video is available online but only in 360p. Therefore, this standard definition video does not display the game’s content with graphical fidelity. This video serves more as proof that the Final Fantasy remake is still being developed.