Meghan McCain ‘Furious’ Over ‘The View’ Producers Siding With Joy Behar, Claims ‘Radar Online’

It is not uncommon for The View co-hosts to banter during the show’s daily episodes, but it sounds as if a recent argument involving Joy Behar and Meghan McCain is causing some additional strife behind the scenes. According to Radar Online, one of the co-hosts remains miffed as she allegedly feels ganged up on thanks to the producers.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, the on-air battle came earlier this week when the panel was discussing the Twitter exchanges between Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and President Donald Trump. The two-minute clip showing the tense exchanges between Behar and McCain got everybody talking, but now it seems that there’s even more to the story.

A new report from Radar Online details that the View producers have seemingly taken Behar’s side in this latest on-air dust-up. According to the outlet’s supposed insider, McCain is none too happy about this. Meghan, 34, reportedly blew up at the producers after the show and alleged that she was being treated unfairly by Joy, 76.

Alleged insiders claim that McCain is becoming increasingly frustrated with being a View co-host. Apparently, however, she’s not the only one feeling agitated by the partnership. Producers are supposedly pushing for Meghan to make some adjustments if she wants to stick around.

After this latest argument with Joy, Meghan stayed quiet for several additional segments of the show. This isn’t the first time she’s done that, and this repeated response seems to be rubbing producers the wrong way.

“Producers told Meghan that she can’t sulk and sit in silence. They have told her that this is a tv show and a talk show and the hosts must talk. They cannot sit in silence, upset and pouting.”

The View fans know that both Meghan and Joy are very strong women with strong, but differing, opinions when it comes to politics. Previous reports have indicated that McCain and Behar apparently get along relatively well off-camera.

However, this isn’t the first time they’ve irritated one another on-screen and had it seemingly carry over into off-camera drama. In fact, the Daily Mail shared not long ago that there has been backstage drama over these on-air conflicts before.

Can Joy Behar and Meghan McCain manage to get along on-screen going forward despite this latest battle? Will McCain stick around and make adjustments in order to keep the producers happy, if that’s indeed the ultimatum she’s been given? The View fans will be curious to see if anything seems to shift between Joy and Meghan after this especially intense interaction.

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