Is 'The Masked Singer's' Rabbit Donnie Wahlberg? The New Kids On The Block Singer Keeps Mum

Donnie Wahlberg can neither confirm nor deny that he's the Rabbit on The Masked Singer, although fans think they've got him figured out, Gold Derby is reporting. Gold Derby, for those unfamiliar, is a website that allows users to bet money on the outcome of non-sports events -- the outcome of the Academy Awards, various reality TV shows, and so on. Do check your local laws before trying to place an online bet, and of course, never bet more than you can afford to lose.

If you haven't seen The Masked Singer and have no idea what Donnie is talking about, it's a reality-competition singing show on Fox in which real recording artists with established careers -- not amateur competitors, like in American Idol -- dress head-to-toe in elaborate costumes, never revealing their identities until after they are voted off the show following head-to-head competition.

The former New Kids On The Block member is aware that his name has come up in conversation about the identity of the Rabbit.

"There's a list of boy banders who are alleged… to be the Rabbit and I'm on the list. I think I'm trending third now behind [N'Sync's] Joey Fatone and [NKOTB's] Joey McIntyre."
Unfortunately, Wahlberg, 49, can't say. The culprit is the dreaded NDA -- non-disclosure agreement. Long story short, Wahlberg is a party to a legal document preventing him from confirming or denying his involvement with the show. According to Just Jared, his wife, show panelist Jenny McCarthy, signed the document.
"My wife signed the nondisclosure, so I don't even know who's in the costume. But if it's me, I don't know yet."
Wahlberg's non-denial raises an interesting question. Ff he had to sign an NDA, even if he's not on the show, does that mean that the show's producers tracked down everybody who's ever had a Top 40 hit and made them sign an NDA -- so that they won't reveal if they are or are not a performer on the show? Or did they just make people associated with the show sign the form? We may never know.

Jenny, for her part, also issued a non-denial of her own, teasing that she is so convinced by the voice coming from inside the costume that she's not even sure herself if it's her own husband or not.

"I think my husband is the Rabbit. That's how it messes with my mind."
Of course, fans won't know who the Rabbit is unless -- and until -- he loses a battle and is unmasked, or wins the show and is unmasked. There's no telling when either of those things will happen.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.