'General Hospital' Teaser: Neil Is Hit Head On As Alexis Dives Into Her Torrid Past

Alexis Davis has been a beloved presence on General Hospital for many years. She has had her share of relationships that have gone sour quickly. But when she was paired with mobster Julian Jerome, she seemed to have found the love of her life. However, that also took a turn for the worse. Now she has been challenged to figure out why she is still drawn to the man who put her through a lot of heartache.

Her session with Dr. Byrne left quite an impression. He didn't know what hit him as Alexis was detailing her past history. He may have been a little shell shocked by it all, but he was also quite intrigued. As Soap Central indicated, Alexis tried to regain her composure after first meeting Neil Byrne at Charlie's Pub. They hit it off and he asked her to have dinner with him sometime. Of course, that was before he found out that she would be his next therapy session.

Alexis is trying hard to get over Julian. There seemed to be a little bit of hope there for a minute when Julian and Kim broke up. Once Alexis realized, thanks to her Dawn of Day experience, that she is still not over her ex-husband, she thought that maybe she should explore that. However, Julian reconciled with Kim Nero, squashing any window of opportunity that they may have had.

Neil came at just the right time to spry Alexis up a bit. Now she is sitting down in his office pouring her guts out to him. It doesn't appear that the General Hospital writers will be letting fans have that Julexis reunion anytime soon. There are some viewers who actually like Julian with Kim, and now there seems to be just a hint of chemistry between Alexis and her therapist.

Actor Joe Flanigan just came on board and is now in a recurring role as Neil. His presence in Alexis' life may cause Julian to take notice if there should be a potential for a little romance between them. Of course, that would make their doctor and patient relationship a little more complicated.

He told Alexis that she could possibly move away from being with men who are selfish and ruthless into more of a healthier relationship. It sounds like he may be up for the job when that happens. There could be more than meets the eye in Neil's past, but for now, he seems like he really wants to help his new client come to grips with her past relationships with powerful and relentless men.

The next few weeks will reveal if Alexis can get completely over Julian and into a healthy relationship. Neil may just be the person to test that out on. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.