‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Shares Engagement Teaser, Dodges Questions About Season Outcome

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In a few more weeks, Bachelor fans will get to see for themselves whether Colton Underwood is engaged or not. So far, neither Colton or ABC are dishing out any spoilers about how things end this time around other than to hint that there is a lot of crazy stuff ahead. A new interview tries to pry answers from Underwood, but he slyly dances around giving a straightforward question.

There are Bachelor spoilers floating around about how Colton Underwood’s season ends, but nobody who was present for the final moments of filming is dishing out anything too specific in terms of a scoop. Fans know that the network doesn’t necessarily follow any specific pattern in this regard, so nobody can assume too much by Colton keeping things vague.

In some Bachelor or Bachelorette seasons, an engagement is confirmed to happen early on during various media appearances. In other cases, news of a proposal is teased by the network closer to the finale. There are times, like what is happening with Colton, where neither the lead or the network ever confirm or deny an engagement.

E! News chatted with Underwood and started off by trying to squeeze some engagement news from him. Unfortunately, Colton is pretty practiced at this by now and he joked about how he’s not even sure whether or not there was a proposal. The Bachelor star teased that he keeps tuning in every week to see if that’s when he finally gets engaged.

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Underwood then expanded and said that he doesn’t want to spoil the ending for people and he wants viewers to go along on the wild ride he experienced himself. Of course, those who follow the Bachelor spoilers that come from sources like gossip guru Reality Steve can understand why the network isn’t saying too much about this season’s ending.

As the Inquisitr has previously shared, the ending Colton experiences this season is apparently complex and is truly a one-of-a-kind result. Even Reality Steve had to revise the Bachelor spoilers he initially released after gaining more information and discovering that there was no cookie-cutter final rose ceremony for Underwood.

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Colton teased via Glamour that he’s very interested to see what everybody thinks once they’ve watched the finale.

“As far as the finale, when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen… Dare I say it will be the most dramatic finale of all time…”

It would be easy for ABC and Colton to give a yes or no answer when asked if there’s an engagement for this Bachelor. However, the roller-coaster ride to reveal that answer is said to be so wild that it would be a disservice to have fans hang on just that one tidbit of information rather than sit back and watch it all play out.

Viewers will be curious to see whether ABC and Underwood shift strategies at all as the two-part finale draws closer. The Inquisitr earlier shared how the schedule is slated to play out over the next few weeks and the buzz is that there are probably a couple of massive cliffhangers on the way before Colton and his theoretical final pick get to tell fans exactly where things stand.

Colton Underwood has said he is happy and is glad for the experience, but he has declined to say whether or not there’s a special someone in his life right now. The Bachelor spoilers signal that this will be an ending worth watching and answers will be coming in just a few more episodes.