Priyanka Chopra Gets Ready For Her First Valentine’s Day As A Married Woman

Priyanka Chopra has been extremely busy lately. Not only did the actress recently tie the knot with her beau, Nick Jonas, during a three-day celebration in India back in December, she also has a premiere this week for her new film, Isn’t It Romantic. The film arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, making many people wonder what her Valentine’s Day plans are now that she is married. Recently, she’s been busy promoting her new movie along with co-stars Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying to take time for her own love life. Although both she and her husband have hectic schedules, the two did manage to make plans.

Priyanka recently shared her plans for her first Valentine’s Day as a married woman. She admitted that her original plans with husband Nick Jonas were to celebrate Valentine’s Day later because of their chaotic work schedules, but the couple has recently revised that plan.

“I’m not a believer that you need a day to tell someone you love them, but it’s always nice to hear it,” Priyanka said, according to Extra. “We didn’t put too much pressure on it. We’re not supposed to be together this Valentine’s Day because I was working in L.A. and he in London, but things moved so I am glad we can spend that time together… The pressure does not exist — he’s thoughtful and sweet all the time.

Priyanka plans to fly to London for a few days so that she can join her husband for Valentine’s Day while he is working in the famous city. According to the Mercury, she has arranged to visit him for two days so that they can spend some romantic time together.

It seems only fitting that the 36-year-old actress should be able to celebrate her own, personal romance with Nick Jonas on Valentine’s Day, considering the release of her new romantic comedy, Isn’t It Romantic, was slated to premiere in celebration of that day. In fact, Priyanka’s new film is about a woman who feels disgusted with love and finds herself trapped in the midst of a romantic comedy.

Chopra also recently spoke about her new film.

“It’s such a vibe. It’s for everyone,” she told Extra. “If you want to have a great time, bond with your partner, laugh a little, hold their hand, feel emotional, and come out feeling great, this is the movie to go to.”

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