Nikki Bella Voices Disgust Over Others Judging Her Relationship With Artem Chignvintsev

Since her widely reported breakup with John Cena, Nikki Bella’s single life has been a source of gossip and rumor. However, she recently expressed disgust about how others are judging her relationship with Artem Chignvintsev, her former Dancing with the Stars partner.

Nikki is not a fan of watching her own love life play out on television. She says she is simply trying to have fun and meet people, not play the field. According to E News, Nikki recently shared some details of her love life with Jimmy Fallon.

“I’m kinda, I don’t want to say playing the field because I’m not like that, but like I’m having fun going on dates with a bunch of people. Like some that I know, like Artem [Chignvintsev],” she said.

While Nikki has been seen out and about with a few eligible bachelors, the one man she has spent time with that has been widely noticed is Artem Chignvintsev. Nikki’s show, Total Bellas, has prominently documented some of these encounters, including both last week’s and this week’s episodes of the show. Both episodes aired an encounter between the two eating out in Hollywood. Nikki started the meal off by bluntly questioning Artem about whether he is seeing anybody, to which he answered in the negative.

While Nikki has admitted she’s spending time with Artem, and the two have been spotted on dates, she insists she is still single. However, she also says she has become tired of the rumors that have been floating around about her and Artem for the past several months. Her partnership with Artem on Dancing with the Stars took place prior to her breakup with John Cena, causing many to wonder on social media if her split from Cena had anything to do with Artem.

According to Y98, Nikki has been seen out in public with Artem multiple times since her breakup with Cena. However, Nikki told E News that she and Artem are “such great friends” and many of their recent interactions have been about her desire to train with him so she could “get in insane shape again” before going back to the ring.

Nikki expressed her frustration about the dating rumors. She told E News,“I’m so sick of people telling me how to live,” she said. “Because I’m a woman, I’m not allowed to go to bars and be seen with guys. But John can do it. He gets praise but everyone comes to me saying, ‘You’re going to ruin our woman empowerment brand.'”