Julianne Hough Raves About Girl Power At This Year's Grammys: 'Best Awards Show I've Witnessed'

Like many others, Julianne Hough cannot stop raving about this year's Grammy Awards.

Since last night, praise from all over the country has been pouring in and many people can't help but comment on how thrilled they were that the show was full of powerful females in the music industry. Actress Julianne Hough is the latest one to take to social media to sing her praises for the Grammy Awards.

In a post to her Instagram account from earlier today, the former Dancing With the Stars pro shared a few photos from the evening along with a heartfelt caption. The first photo in the set shows a picture of host Alicia Keys while the next is a snapshot from Diana Ross' amazing performance. The last photo in the set shows Dolly Parton surrounded by a number of females including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kacey Musgraves, and Maren Morris.

And the caption of Hough's post is just as good as the images themselves.

"Feminine energy at its finest. We are in a culture shift and this fresh needed energy transformed and transcended the "award show" experience! Alicia held the space for that transformation by creating a safe place filled with LOVE!!!"
She continued by saying that when Ross talked about unity, everyone raised their hands in the air in solidarity. She also said that singer Janelle was all that she ever wants to be before mentioning how amazing it was that icon Dolly Parton was able to bring together so many amazing women for a performance."I mean... this Grammys was EVERYTHING! Best awards show I've witnessed! I felt every moment," she said to end the post.

It comes as no shock that the pro-Grammy post has earned Hough a ton of attention, garnering more than 10,000 likes in addition to 30-plus comments within just a few minutes of the post going live. Some followers wrote on the post to let Julianne know that they enjoyed the Grammy Awards as much as she did while countless others applauded her for standing up for women.

And while Hough wasn't nominated for any awards herself this year, the Inquisitr did recently share that she is working on some new music. In addition to new tracks, Hough also shared that she has been working on expanding her brand and will have some good things coming up later this year.

"But [I'm] also [working on] wellness, self-discovery, fitness, empowerment, relationship stuff. So just keep a lookout," she shared, while gushing over how passionate she is about these projects.