February 11, 2019
'The Bachelor' Schedule: Colton Underwood's Season Marches Toward Finish Line, Episode Calendar Solidifies

Colton Underwood's Bachelor season is flying by, and his relationships with the remaining bachelorettes are starting to get serious. Spoilers tease that there are still some major twists and turns on the horizon, and fans will not want to miss any of the upcoming episodes. Heading into this 2019 season, there were a few outstanding questions about how the scheduling would play out. Now, however, it looks as if things have been pinned down, and there are a couple of double-episode weeks on the way.

As the Inquisitr detailed earlier this season, the Bachelor episode calendar for Colton's run looked pretty generic until close to the end. However, spoilers had suggested that there might be a shake-up toward the finale, and there might even be one less episode than most standard seasons.

Now, gossip king Reality Steve is pinning down the specifics as the ABC calendar for the next few weeks is solidified. This week, viewers will see the dates in Vietnam as slated where Colton reportedly whittles his group of bachelorettes down to just seven women.

Episode 7 will air on Monday, February 18, and that will take place in Underwood's hometown of Denver, Colorado. Three more ladies will be sent packing, pinning down the Final 4 for the 2019 season.

Episode 8 featuring the hometowns will also be a pretty standard show from the sounds of things. That one airs on Monday, February 25, and should start and end with Colton visiting his four ladies and meeting their families.

After those hometowns, things change up just a bit. It looks like Monday, March 4, will show Episode 9 with Colton's overnight fantasy suite dates. Based on the available Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, viewers will want to brace themselves to be left with a major cliffhanger at the end of this night, though.

Exactly where that show ends isn't clear yet, but it is virtually guaranteed that fans will probably see just one or maybe two of Underwood's dates during that episode. On Tuesday, March 5, everybody will get to see the pre-taped "Women Tell All" special.

Filming for the "WTA" hasn't taken place yet, but fans may see a slightly different combination of finalists than what is usually done. Typically, the longest-lasting contestants are all there except for the final two. However, Bachelor spoilers signal that this time it's possible that the final three women are all held back from filming.

The last week of the 2019 season will also have two episodes. The first part of the Bachelor finale will air on Monday, March 11, and again, there is almost certainly going to be a cliffhanger at the end of this one. Then, things will wrap up and everybody will get updates with the "After the Final Rose" segment on Tuesday, March 12.

Will it be good news for Colton Underwood and his lady when they share updates during the "After the Final Rose" special? The Bachelor spoilers hint that there are wild developments coming before that "ATFR," and people will not want to miss any of these final shows from the 2019 season.