Cardi B Thinks A Dead Tom Petty Sent Her Flowers At The Grammys, Fans Think Nicki Minaj Did It

On Sunday night, the 2019 Grammy Awards took place — and it was Cardi B who took home her first-ever award for her musical talent. The singer nabbed the Grammy for the best rap album, which gave her the designation as the second woman to ever win it. Many celebrities and fans congratulated her after the night was over, and — per Us Weekly — she was even thrilled to learn that iconic singer Tom Petty sent her flowers to her room.

Unfortunately, the singer doesn’t seem to realize that Petty died of an accidental drug overdose back in October of 2017.

Cardi B posted a video online that does show a piece of paper which came with flowers sent to her after the Grammys. The card said “You’ve got a heart so big it could crush this town” — and has Petty’s name on the bottom of it — as shown in this post on Twitter. There is some strong language near the end of the clip.

Cardi B was overly excited with the idea that Tom Petty sent her flowers, but she hadn’t realized that someone else sent them, along with the card. The message on the card is simply a lyric from Petty’s song “Walls,” and his name shows the attribution.

Still, Cardi B thought it was necessary to thank Petty for the flowers — even though it’s not really known who sent them.

While it is a mistake, and one that is bringing a good deal of ridicule the rapper’s way on Monday, some are beginning to wonder who sent the flowers. A lot of fans are actually beginning to believe there is a conspiracy at work — and that it is Cardi B’s rival, Nicki Minaj, who sent the flowers with the lyric from Petty.

The two rappers have been in a huge feud for a couple of years, a feud which included a knock-down, drag-out brawl in the fall of 2018. Social media has become the battleground for the two, and they’ve also commented on one another in interviews. Fans believe the feud is far from over.

One Twitter user made their belief in this rumor very clear.

“Did Nicki Minaj do this to sabotage Cardi B? Petty level: Tom Petty”

People states that others feel it may have been Chris Brown who sent the flowers to Cardi B, and that he simply included the card with Petty’s lyric as a sweet message. Brown has been feuding with Offset — who is Cardi B’s husband — and Brown even tweeted that he was going to send her flowers.

That tweet has since been deleted.

Tom Petty’s death is something that struck the entire world in the worst way, and affected a lot of people — but his legend will never die. On Sunday night, Petty’s lyrics were used as a way to congratulate Cardi B for winning a Grammy, even though she had thought that the flowers came directly from the late singer. As of Monday afternoon, the identity of the flower sender was still a mystery. Fans appear to think that Chris Brown or Nicki Minaj may be trolling the Grammy winner.

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