February 11, 2019
Twitter Explodes After Donald Trump Tweets That He Has 'Worked Harder' Than Any Other President

Yesterday, more details about Donald Trump's schedule leaked to the press, forcing the president to challenge the perception that he isn't spending enough time leading the country. To do that, he turned to Twitter to inform people that he is the hardest working president in American history. Twitter had all kinds of thoughts about that.

On Sunday, Axios leaked a copy of Trump's daily schedule, which revealed that the president spends about 60 percent of his day in "executive time." While the news outlet admitted that the schedules don't show the entire complexity of Trump's workday, and he does usually have a meeting or two in addition to what is printed on the staff schedule, it does reveal that Trump seems to have more unstructured time than previous presidents.

In reaction to the leak, on Monday, Trump attempted to assure followers that he is toiling more than any other American leader.

"No president ever worked harder than me (cleaning up the mess I inherited)!" he wrote.

Social media exploded in outrage.

"Sitting on the couch tweeting and watching TV is not 'working,'" said one person. "I'm old enough to remember when you mocked President Obama for playing golf. Then you handed your beer to Obama and surpassed his golf time in your first two years."

Former Federal Prosecutor Mimi Rocah gave Trump some grammar advice.

"Than 'I.' Work harder on grammar," she wrote.

"No president in history ever had to work so hard to convince us that he works so hard. SAD!" writer Andy Ostroy wrote.

Another follower "fixed" Trump's tweet.

Author Matthew Dicks reminded the president that he inherited a relatively strong economy and employment rate, while the previous president Barack Obama inherited a challenging set of circumstances.

"Do you really think Americans have forgotten what President @BarackObama dealt with in 2008?" he asked.

Trump initially dismissed the leaked report on Sunday, saying that his executive time isn't for relaxing but for working.

White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, on the other hand, took the leak more seriously. He vowed to find the individual who leaked Trump's schedule by the end of the week. While speaking with Fox News Sunday, Mulvaney said that the schedule itself isn't important, as it is information that 400 people receive each day.

The real issue, he says, is that he is bothered by the fact that someone spent months compiling this data and then released it to the media.

After the initial release of the president's schedules, journalist Maggie Haberman echoed this stance, pointing out that the fact that someone is leaking this information means that someone within Trump's orbit doesn't appear to be very positive about the current administration.