February 10, 2019
When Is Emmy Rossum's Last 'Shameless' Episode?

Emmy Rossum broke the news that Season 9 would be her final season as a member of the Shameless cast before the season even started airing. As we are now a few episodes into the second half of Season 9, fans have one big question on their minds.

When is Emmy Rossum's last Shameless episode?

Fortunately, fans of the Showtime series will get to enjoy a little more of Fiona Gallagher as the character is not slated to exit the series until the Season 9 finale. According to Refinery 29, the finale of Shameless Season 9 is scheduled to air on March 10.

Beyond hyping up the fact that it was a good and satisfying conclusion to the character of Fiona, the cast and crew have remained very tight-lipped in regard to releasing any spoilers on how she leaves the show.

As the Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, one of the biggest fan theories on how Emmy's character will exit the show is that Justin Chatwin will return as Jimmy/Steve and sweep her away from the chaos she is currently caught up in.

Technically, this fan theory is a little more than just wishful thinking about seeing Fiona and Jimmy together once more as the actor is listed in the credits of the last few episodes of the season.

Unfortunately, John Wells did shoot the theory in the foot during an interview recently when he discussed how it may not be in the producers' best interest to have Fiona exit the series the same way her brother Ian did a few episodes prior during the first half of Season 9.

As those who have watched the series from the beginning know, Fiona has been the support, heart, and mother of the Gallagher family from the very first episode. She dropped out of school at a very young age to fill the empty parental role and took care of her siblings after their mother disappeared and their father was too busy drinking to do his part.

With the exception of Liam, her siblings are no longer children, so the storyline of the series has reached a point where it would make sense for the character of Fiona to spread her wings and fly away from the nest.

Regrettably, the current path that Emmy's character is going on – which included being arrested in tonight's episode after punching a woman in the face and running from cops – has some wondering whether Fiona will exit the series on a good or bad note.