Wendy Williams Reportedly Believes She's 'Irreplaceable,' Fighting To Get Back To Her Show, Says Source

While Wendy Williams is recovering from her recent health crisis, Nick Cannon is hosting The Wendy Williams Show. Although the actor/rapper is keeping things afloat, Wendy reportedly isn't too thrilled about another television personality hosting her show. In fact, she's reportedly hoping to expedite her recovery so she can get back to work.

According to Celebrity Insider, an insider close to Wendy Williams has shared details about her opinion of Nick Cannon hosting the show. It has been reported that Wendy believes she's "irreplaceable" and no one can host The Wendy Williams Show but her since the show bears her name.

"Wendy is confident that she is irreplaceable on her own show, no one can do what she does as well. While Wendy still has no timetable as to when she will return, she is excited and looking forward to returning as soon as possible," the insider said.

The insider went on to explain Wendy's stance. While she's grateful Nick Cannon and the other guest hosts have stepped up to the plate, she'd still like to be featured on her own platform.

"Wendy is grateful for her guest hosts, who have been filling in while she has been out, and thinks they are doing a great job. She is also happy, healing and excited to get back to work. She can't wait to get back to her show and deliver like only she can for her fans."
The latest news follows a string of reports about Wendy Williams' abrupt departure from the show. Over the last several weeks, there have been many questions about her hiatus. While Wendy has insisted her hiatus is due to complications of Graves disease, many reports speculate her marriage may also be part of the problem. Back in December, Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter found himself at the center of controversy after reports surfaced about his rumored affair. In the past, Kevin has been linked to a woman named Sharina Hudson.

According to multiple reports, the younger woman has been rumored to be Kevin's longtime lover for more than 10 years. In addition to the alleged affair, Kevin reportedly purchased a home with Sharina not far from the New Jersey home he shares with Wendy Williams. It is now being reported that Kevin and Sharina are expecting their first child together.

Then, to make matters worse, Kevin's mother recently spoke publicly, admitting her son had been physically abusive to Wendy Williams throughout their marriage. The new abuse reports sparked a media firestorm because Kevin's own mother was the one to reveal it but Wendy Williams has yet to confirm or deny the claims.

Right now, there is still no definitive date set for Wendy Williams' return to daytime television. However, she is hoping to do so in the foreseeable future.