Mantras, Protection Stones, And An Altar: Tom Brady's Wife Coordinates Pregame Rituals

It's hard to argue with the notion that Tom Brady has been doing something right.

And according to CBS Boston, the secret of Brady's unprecedented success might have more to do with the unconventional pregame rituals of the superstar's wife, Gisele Bundchen. Brady revealed some of the couple's unconventional preparations during casual remarks during the shaving of his playoff beard, which benefited multiple charities. After the much-publicized shave, Gillette donated $35,000 to each of three charities: the Boys and Girls Club of South Boston, Best Buddies, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

"You know I've learned a lot from my wife over the years. She's so about the power of intention and believing things that are really going to happen," Brady said, before sharing some of the superstitious habits the couple consistently observed, including that Bundchen creates a "little altar" at the game, including pictures of their children.

"And I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes, I say all these mantras," Brady said, while also acknowledging that at first, he thought the practices were odd.

"I stopped questioning her a long time ago. I just shut up and listen."
According to Brady, Bundchen also has something of a sixth sense when it comes to predicting how his season will go. The couple's superstitious habits ramped up around four years ago when she told the quarterback he needed to listen to her and do what she said in order to make that their year. Sure enough, the results were good. Bundchen also reportedly has a knack for sensing when things aren't going to go so well, like when Brady says she predicted trouble and, sure enough, Brady and his New England Patriots indeed came up short that year.

All that said, the couple is clearly doing something right, with Brady widely recognized as easily among the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL as evidenced by Brady's record-breaking four Super Bowl MVP awards and the Patriots having just earned their sixth Super Bowl championship, tying for the most of any franchise along with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yet another Super Bowl ring notwithstanding, Bundchen and Brady weren't able to will themselves to another Super Bowl MVP trophy this year. That honor went to Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. Edelman's beard is, like Brady's, also benefiting his choice of charities.