Armed Shoplifter Arrested At Walmart

An armed man accused of shoplifting was arrested at a Walmart in New York on Saturday.

When Nassau County police arrested 25-year-old Alexander Hollinsworth, they discovered he was carrying several weapons, including a stolen handgun. The man now faces numerous criminal charges resulting from the incident.

According to The Examiner, security personnel at a Walmart in Massapequa suspected Hollinsworth of shoplifting several CDs and DVDs. Once he attempted to leave the store with the alleged stolen merchandise, Hollinsworth was approached and detained by store personnel.

Police officers responding to the incident discovered the man to be concealing a loaded.38 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun. According to authorities, the weapon had previously been reported as stolen in New York City.

The Farmingdale Patch writes that as police continued their search of the alleged shoplifter, they uncovered drugs and additional weapons from the man’s pockets. Hollinsworth was reportedly said to be armed with “metal knuckles” and a dagger knife.

The Walmart merchandise Hollinsworth was originally confronted about was found in his possession and recovered during the search. He was also holding numerous prescription pills contained inside a plastic bag.

The armed shoplifter was arrested and charged with three counts of fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon, possession of burglar tools, fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property, seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, and petit larceny.

Alexander Hollinsworth is scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Hempstead on Sunday.

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