Ohio Police Say Jeremy Davis Stole A Police Cruiser After Officers Revived Him From Near-Fatal Drug Overdose

Jeremy Davis reportedly got a second chance on life when police officers revived him from a near fatal drug overdose.

Police say he used that second chance to steal a police car and drive it into a ditch, then escape on foot into the night.

The 25-year-old man is still at large after he allegedly slipped into a police cruiser on Friday night after officers found him barely conscious inside his girlfriend's apartment. As Fox 28 Columbus reported, officers used the overdose drug Narcan to revive the man, then brought him to an ambulance.

"The officers revived the suspect who had a fading pulse and brought him back basically from dying," Sgt. Douglas Wilkinson told the news station.

While he was being treated, officers checked to see if Davis had any outstanding warrants. As they were looking, Davis reportedly jumped from the ambulance and into a police cruiser, which was running at the time. As the Columbus Dispatch reported, Davis drove a few miles before leaving the police cruiser in a ditch and running away on foot. Davis was able to escape before officers could find him.

This is one of a number of overdose-related stories from Ohio to make national news in recent months, as the state has been hit hard by the heroin epidemic. Last year, the police chief of the small town of Kirkersville suffered a fatal drug overdose after reportedly taking fentanyl from the department's evidence room.

Police Chief James Hughes Jr. was found unconscious in his home on May 25, and the coroner's office said they found a plastic sandwich bag with traces of cocaine and a syringe that contained fentanyl at the scene of his death, the Newark Advocate reported. The 35-year-old had only recently joined the department, and local leaders said there was no indication that he was suffering any drug addiction.

"He was hired in March and wasn't here that long, but he kept me informed [about] what was going on," Kirkersville Mayor Terry Ashcraft told the Newark Advocate after Hughes' death. "A lot of stuff goes on in this town, and he'd come and done his job and never had a complaint on him."

Police in Ohio said they are still searching for Jeremy Davis after he allegedly stole a police car, and are asking members of the public to keep an eye out and inform police if they have any information about his whereabouts.