Walt Disney World Guest Awarded $24,000 After Her Foot Was Run Over By Food Cart At Art Of Animation

With an organization as big as The Walt Disney Company, lawsuits are going to be brought against them on almost a daily basis. While most information regarding lawsuits usually ends up as public knowledge, most claims usually end up being settled out of court. Some end up differently though, and one female guest was awarded $24,000 after the Walt Disney World Resort was found responsible for an accident that left her with a rare nerve disorder.

CVN is reporting that Jessica Wilson suffered an injury back in June of 2013 when a cast member at Disney's Art of Animation Resort ran over her foot with a food service cart. The accident, which took place in the Landscape of Flavors food court at the resort hotel, caused quite a bit of damage.

Wilson states that the bussing cart ran over her foot and caused her to suffer debilitating complex regional pain syndrome, which is more commonly known as CRPS. This rare nerve condition brings about issues with mobility and causes chronic pain.

Nelson Tyrone of Tyrone Law, the attorney representing Wilson, had asked for more than $11 million in the lawsuit against Disney. $4.4 million of that amount was going to be used to cover future any medical expenses they would incur.

On Thursday, the verdict did rule in her favor, but 60 percent of the accident was attributed to Wilson's own actions. Walt Disney World was held responsible for an amount of $59,840 in damages, but that is likely to be reduced to $24,000 or less.

The entrance of Disney's Art of Animation Resort
Danny Cox

Tyrone stated that Wilson was run over by the food service cart, which was being pushed by an unidentified Walt Disney World cast member. At the time, Wilson was making use of a condiment station, when she was struck by the cart, which ran right over her foot.

Wilson's attorney stated that guests should always be given the right-of-way and that carts should be pushed at a slower speed. Now, his client is going to deal with an injury that will affect her for the rest of her life.

"All of her doctors say it's going to be life-long pain, and life-long medication, and life-long treatment [for Wilson]. No matter how good it gets, that's as good as it's going to get. Never cured."
Other Walt Disney World cast members said the employee was totally at fault, assuming the accident occurred as Wilson described it. The jury, on the other hand, said that Wilson's story changed over time, and challenged her version of events.

The Walt Disney Company is no stranger to lawsuits, as they recently had one come against them for a guest being run over by a scooter, as reported by Inquisitr. Some of the cases end up being dismissed, thrown out, or settled out of court, but some end up going the distance. In the case of the guest who had her foot run over at Art of Animation, she did end up winning something, but it was nowhere near what she wanted.