Hilaria Thomas Yoga Lawsuit Update: More Injury Details Emerge

The Hilaria Thomas yoga lawsuit seem to be getting more clarity to some degree.

Yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, actor Alec Baldwin’s pregnant wife, is the defendant in a lawsuit from one of her students who claims he was seriously injured during her popular class. The lawsuit has been filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The student, Spencer Wolff, reportedly lost his balance while attempting a handstand, crashed through a window, and tore open his left leg in five places in the January 15 incident. One of the allegations is that the Thomas’ class was so crowded that he was forced practice too close to the window, creating what might amount to an unreasonably dangerous situation — a claim that could at least theoretically overcome a signed waiver of liability.

Immediately following the incident in which jagged glass ripped open his leg, EMTs rushed Wolff, 32, to hospital. Alec Baldwin — who seems to be providing a running social-media commentary on the situation — subsequently tweeted that his wife, referring to her as “the instructor” — accompanied Wolff, a Huffington Post blogger, to the emergency room and stayed with him for two hours.

The New York Post contacted Wolff’s lawyer about the scope of his alleged injuries suffered during Hilaria Thomas Baldwin’s yoga class:

“He can’t flex the ankle and the foot points downward. He’s in a boot. He is worried whether he’ll be able to use his leg normally again — and right now it’s a waiting game.”

The Post also reported that someone shouted “it’s your fault” at Hilaria Thomas after the accident, but in another tweet, Alec Baldwin claimed that never happened. Baldwin also insisted on Twitter that “the instructor clearly told Wolff not to attempt the very thing her injured himself doing” and that the class was not overcrowded. [In his tweet, Baldwin must have meant “he” injured himself doing.]