Groom Matthew Aimers Allegedly Groped Teenage Waitress At His Wedding Reception, Brawled With Guests

Matthew Aimers allegedly groped a teenage waitress and exposed himself to the girl in a bathroom stall — all at his own wedding reception just hours after he was married. And it got even worse from there, police say.

The incident took place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where police said the 31-year-old began harassing the waitress during his wedding reception. As reported, police said Aimers approached the waitress and “asked her to go outside and make out,” telling her that the two could “do whatever you want.”

When the girl rejected his advances, Matthew Aimers allegedly followed her into the women’s bathroom and pulled her into an empty stall, where police say he sexually assaulted her and exposed himself. Aimers continued to proposition the girl as she tried to pull away and even offered her $100, police claimed.

The young woman was able to break away and left the bathroom, but said she was left shaken.

The wedding reception apparently continued after the assault, as police say they were later called to the country club where the reception was held for reports of fighting. They arrived to find Matthew Aimers allegedly pushing and punching other wedding guests. When police tried to arrest him, Aimers allegedly called them derogatory names and tried to fight with officers.

The strange incident drew nationwide headlines, with the New York Post calling the incident the “wedding from hell.” But this is not the first time that a Pennsylvania groom has been accused of very bad behavior at his own wedding reception. In a strikingly similar incident from 2014, a groom was accused of hitting on a pregnant waitress at his wedding reception, groping the woman, and then getting into a fight with the woman’s boyfriend who showed up after getting a phone call from her.

As Fox News reported, 33-year-old Mark Williams of Crafton, Pennsylvania, was arrested on a slew of charges for the incident. The groom’s brother, an off-duty state trooper named David Williams, was also accused of assaulting two Pittsburgh police officers who responded to the scene of the fight. He was slapped with charges as well, including obstructing law enforcement and disorderly conduct.

In Pennsylvania, Matthew Aimers faces a slew of charges for his alleged bad behavior at the wedding reception, including indecent assault, indecent exposure, imprisonment of a minor, harassment, simple assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. he was released after posting 10 percent of $350,000 bail and has a hearing scheduled for February 21.