Duane Martin Fires Back At Tisha Campbell Following Years-Long Domestic Violence Allegations

Maury PhillipsGetty Images for BET

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell’s divorce proceedings are getting very messy. Last week, the former Martin actress shocked fans when she spoke out about the alleged emotional, mental, and physical abuse she suffered throughout her 23 years of marriage to Duane. Needless to say, fans were shocked by the disturbing claims of domestic violence, but now Duane Martin has raised more speculation about Tisha’s claims due to his response.

According to the Jasmine Brand, Duane Martin has fired back at Tisha Campbell in newly-filed court documents. It has been reported that Duane has allegedly taken subliminal jabs at his soon-to-be ex-wife criticizing her parenting skills and level of formal education.

In the court documents, Duane explained how he feels Tisha Campbell’s lack of education plays a part in her inability to place an emphasis on the importance of education where their sons, Xen, 17, and Ezekial, 9, are concerned. Duane went on to point out the vast difference between Tisha and himself, citing her lack of education.

The Above the Rim actor claims Tisha “didn’t graduate from any university and has no educational background,” according to TMZ.“I am a graduate of New York University. Schooling was very important to me.”

To Duane Martin, this affects her ability to properly parent their sons. However, most fans are more focused on what Duane Martin didn’t say. Apparently, the actor had nothing to say about Tisha Campbell’s allegations of abuse. In fact, he reportedly did not make an effort to even address the allegations or defend himself, which leads many to believe Tisha’s claims are true.

The latest reports about Duane Martin’s court filings follow a string of reports about Tisha Campbell’s allegations. The former My Wife and Kids actress detailed a number of disturbing incidents that occurred during her marriage to Duane. According to Tisha, she has been abused since the very beginning of their marriage. Tisha recalled one occasion where Duane punched her in the chest. In fact, the most recent incident reportedly occurred in December of last year.

At that time, Tisha claims Duane allegedly “grabbed [her] by my arm to try to get [her] in the bedroom.” She also insisted that Duane greatly impacted her ability to further her acting career by emotionally abusing her about her weight gain.

After Tisha Campbell’s domestic violence claims were made public, she filed for a restraining order against her husband. A judge has granted that order as their divorce battle continues.