Kelly Ripa Reveals She Is ‘Regretful’ She And Husband Didn’t Have ‘One More’ Child

Dominik BindlGetty Images

Kelly Ripa may be the proud mother of three children, but on Tuesday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, she revealed that she regrets she didn’t have one more!

According to Us Weekly, the 48-year-old explained, “I am regretful that we didn’t have more. There is [sic] many different reasons. First of all, triangulation. When they are small … you always have two against one. It is just the way it is, it’s unavoidable.”

Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos have three children together. Their oldest son was born in 1997. Kelly gave birth to the couple’s daughter in 2001, and they had one more son together in 2003.

Kelly continued, “But I also just loved having them. I adore them as the grown-ups that they’ve become… but when they are tiny, they are just so adorable. And they say amazing things, and I miss all of that.”

Now that her youngest child is 15 years old, Kelly is used to having teenagers. Of course, it is understandable that she would miss their younger, tender years — as many parents do when their children grow older.

Although her children may be getting older, she and her husband are just as much in love now as they were before they had children. Interestingly, a source close to the couple recently opened up to Hollywood Life about the couple’s marriage — and revealed that it is the love they have for their children that helps the couple remain so strong.

The couple married in 1996 and have enjoyed a 22-year strong marriage.

The source revealed, “The reason they work so well is they have so much respect and love for each other and their kids, its really beautiful to see.”

Recently, Kelly took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself with her husband. The photo shows Kelly — sans makeup — being embraced by her husband. The couple are on a beach, smiling for the photo.

In other Instagram photos, Kelly revealed that the couple were spending time together in Mexico.

Kelly and Mark’s marriage is strong, but it all began back when they were both starring on the soap opera All My Children in 1995. Mark and Kelly did a screen test together — and he ended up getting the role. Their on-screen characters eventually ended up together as well. The couple decided to elope to Las Vegas in 1996, where they tied the knot.

Kelly Ripa currently hosts Live with Kelly and Ryan alongside Ryan Seacrest.