PETA Goes After Disney-Pixar And Demands That Bo Peep Be Majorly Changed In ‘Toy Story 4’

After Super Bowl LIII finished up, Disney-Pixar released a new TV spot for Toy Story 4 which shows Buzz Lightyear in great distress. Unfortunately for Disney, they appear to have bigger problems coming at them with PETA raising an issue with another character. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are now demanding major changes with Bo Peep as they simply are not happy with her holding a crook.

Fans of the Toy Story franchise have already noticed huge changes with Bo Peep as her look is drastically different from when she was last seen. No longer is her bright pink dress and big bonnet part of her outfit. Now, she resembles Rey from the Star Wars Saga.

Those changes, though, were not enough for PETA and they are looking to have Disney-Pixar do more.

According to a press release on PETA’s official website, the group appears to have a huge problem with her iconic staff which is known as a “crook.” In the latest poster release for the film, Bo Peep is still holding the crook that she carried when she used to be a toy in Andy’s room years ago.

PETA believes that her new look should have come with at least one more alteration and that was the loss of the crook.

In Toy Story 4, Sheriff Woody and his pals come back in contact with Bo Peep who was given away when the toys were still with Andy. A lot has changed with Woody’s crush as she not only has a new look, but she has a new look on life as she realizes there is more out there than just being a toy.

Laura Thomasson, PETA’s manager of Animals in Film and Television, is urging Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooney to remove the crook from Bo Peep. Recently released trailers and a new character poster have shown that the beloved character will still carry it, but PETA doesn’t think she should.

“Given that she was designed to have a ‘modern’ look, why hasn’t she ‘lost’ that outdated and cruel crook? You may not know that these ‘shepherd’s crooks,’ are used solely to hook a sheep’s neck and force these gentle animals to move. That isn’t something that a progressive Bo Peep would countenance in 2019!”

Thomasson continued on to say that a “bada**” Bo Peep would more than likely go after the shearers of sheep and protect the animals.

Toy Story 4 is essentially done and ready for its release in theaters on June 21, 2019, but that’s not to say changes couldn’t be made. Still, it’s hard to know what Disney-Pixar will do with PETA’s request as they have yet to comment on the pleas made by the animal activist group. Will Bo Peep continue to appear holding her traditional crook or will it end up falling by the wayside due to her new look?

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