Prince George & Princess Charlotte’s Nanny Won’t Use This One Word Ever

Chris JacksonGetty Images

The nanny for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis is beyond a no-nonsense Nanny Poppins, she’s at least part James Bond. Nanny Maria Borrallo is a self-defense expert who is also trained as a stunt car driver. Nanny Maria is a product of the Norland Agency and Norland College in Bath, England, which is the preeminent training ground for child care experts.

The Birmingham Mail says that the royal nanny has some seriously hard and fast rules including a word from her training that she will never utter. And it’s not a colorful or four letter word, of course, those don’t pass nanny’s lips. It’s a word that people commonly use for children which irks her.

Borrallo was born in Madrid and graduated from Norland, which has been around since 1892. Author Louise Heren says that the women of Norland have learned that there is a word that is a big no-no, and that’s kids.

“The word kid is banned. It’s a mark of respect for the children as individuals.”

Instead, the children of their clients are known by their names as individuals and not as kids or kid.

With Nanny Maria, there is no “messing about,” which means there will be no crying or tantrums when getting on or off of a jet, or waving on a balcony. Prince George and Princess Charlotte impeccably behaved at the royal weddings of their aunts and uncles, and there are expectations for nanny as well as the little royals.

Nanny Maria considers bedtime to be a curfew and it is 7 p.m. and must be respected. Because the Cambridge princes and princess can expect to be exposed to new food wherever they go, they are taught not to demand fish fingers and fries, but instead, they are introduced to new flavors “every few days.”

The little Cambridges are turned outdoors no matter the weather, as fresh air is a daily staple.

“Lots of bike rides, playing with their dogs, potentially some gardening. Norland are very into teaching children through play. If it is tipping down, they will still go out.”

Screen time like television and computers is up to the parents, but it is not part of Nanny Maria’s repertoire.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are totally on board with Nanny Maria, says the Inquisitr, and defer to her as an expert, and this includes getting involved with nanny-sanctioned activities including outdoor play. Prince George and Princess Charlotte like to play football with their dad, whose nickname is “Pops.”