White House Insider Reveals Donald Trump’s Favorite Compliment

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump’s signature use of language and persuasion style has been the subject of many polemics. Psychologist Peter Collett analyzed President Trump’s use of language for Sky News, concluding that the president speaks casually and informally when talking to his audience, but eloquently when giving scripted speeches.

Trump often uses hyperbole, insults those he perceives as opponents, and invents signature nicknames — Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb — on the spot, repeatedly using them to smear, silence, and publicly insult adversaries.

An analysis published by the Independent found that Trump speaks at the level of an 8-year-old. According to the analysis, Trump’s vocabulary and grammatical structure is simple and uniform. Furthermore, in tests for comprehension level, diversity, and vocabulary complexity, Trump ranked lower than the last 14 presidents.

Dozens of books about the Trump White House have already come out, so those interested in behind-the-scenes happenings in Donald Trump’s world have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what is often described as a hectic White House.

A new report by Axios reveals how Donald Trump behaves around powerful men he respects or perceives as allies. A White House insider supplied the information to Axios, revealing President Donald Trump’s favorite compliment is “handsome.”

According to the anonymous insider, Trump often tells powerful men how handsome they are.

One of the men President Trump complimented lavishly is Georgia Republican David Perdue. During a meeting, the president reportedly praised the senator’s sense of style, as well as his looks.

“You’re a really good looking man, you look the part. Those other guys [senators] don’t know to dress. Those bozos — it must be embarrassing to stand next to them on TV,” Trump reportedly told Perdue, prompting uproarious laughter from the senator.

“You’re such a good-looking guy,” President Trump told Representative Robert Aderholt during a trade meeting with members of Congress.

President Trump appears particularly impressed with the way U.S. ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell looks. According to Axios‘ sources, whenever Trump sees Grenell on television he lavishes the ambassador with compliments.

“There he is again. Great looking guy. Oh, there’s my beautiful Grenell.”

But it is not only behind closed doors that Trump compliments men he admires or perceives as friends on their looks, Axios noted. During a Montana rally in October, for instance, the president praised his former White House physician, describing him as “handsome” and “wonderful.”

“Oh, I want to be the agent of that tall, handsome quarterback. Six-foot-seven,” Trump told a crowded room at the White House celebration for the Clemson Tigers’ National Championship win.

At a fundraising event, President Trump complimented Justin Trudeau. Trump recalled a trade meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister:

“Nice guy, good-looking guy, comes in — ‘Donald, we have no trade deficit.'”