‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Eric Braeden Speaks Out About The Demise Of Victor’s Office

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Victor Newman is synonymous with the Young and the Restless. “The Mustache” actor Eric Braeden recently spoke out about the demise of Victor’s office at Newman Enterprises.

The iconic office set the scene for many a dirty deal, argument, and family moment as Victor went about making his fortune and controlling the Newman family, Genoa City, and the world from his high-powered, manly office. Lately, fans have noticed that Victor’s office is not included in the storyline at all, and the actor explained via video what happened to the set.

For months, now, Braeden has spoken out via social media against the decisions that former executive producer and head writer Mal Young made for daytime’s No. 1 rated soap opera. Among those, apparently, was tearing down the set for the high powered Genoa City businessman’s office. A Twitter account named Niktor Newman, which is the couple name for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman, recently posted a video of Braeden explaining what happened.

Sitting with a bottle of Angel’s Envy Bourbon, soap opera veteran explained the change to Victor’s character.

“Well, let me be very honest with you. There was an attempt by the former executive producer/head writer to diminish the role of Victor Newman. I’ll say it very clearly, very succinctly. He attempted to diminish him. To bring the character down. I’ll never forgive him for that, but he’s gone. Bye-bye.”

Young is gone, and Braeden continues his over 38 year run on one of daytime’s four remaining sudsers. It is almost poetic justice to see the icon remain after facing such an attack on his beloved character, Victor.

Long-time, loyal viewers of the show have hated the way many of the storylines have gone this past year. Plus, the fact that so many fan favorites including Doug Davidson (Paul Williams), Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott), Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis), Greg Riikart (Kevin Fisher), and several more departed last year left fans both angry and heartbroken.

Many people commented on the video.

“It was pretty obvious Mal was trying to get rid of Victor… instead what he got rid of were high ratings and good story telling, and eventually himself. Glad he’s leaving,” one fan wrote.

Another commented on how Young made a huge mistake in going after Victor.

“After some of his other shenanigans, we were afraid he was gunning for you and were hoping he’d get the boot before too much damage was done. Going up against you? Big mistake!”

Fans hope to see a new direction and perhaps some welcome returns with Josh Griffin at the reins when his storylines begin airing soon. Braeden predicted Griffin’s material will be on the show in three to four weeks, and he’s thrilled to have Griffin back at the show.