Quake Rattles Rome, No Injuries Reported

When a quake rattles Rome, there are undoubtedly some people who wonder if a message isn’t being sent. Perhaps it was divine intervention that kept the Italian capital from being neither damaged nor seeing anyone get injured. This quake is a natural disaster in a string of natural disasters in the last couple of days.

The Philippines was hit with an earthquake of its own and the 6.2 magnitude quake actually did cause quite a bit of damage. This followed the meteorite which streaked over and then crashed into Russia on Friday. That meteorite caused quite a bit of damage itself and it could be seen, heard, and felt in three separate Russian towns.

Headlines like quake rattles Rome began to spread throughout the Internet on Saturday, but the NewStraitsTimes reported that the epicenter of the quake was actually just Southeast of Rome, closer to the rural town of Sora. If initial reports are to be believed, there were calls by local townspeople to authorities after the quake, but they were mainly to get reassurance.

A fireman from the neighboring town of Frosinone said that people were mentally shaken but there didn’t appear to be any damage or injuries. Reuters reported that the quake measured a 4.8 on the Richter scale. While damage wasn’t done, most authorities believe had it been just a little bit stronger, the area would not have escaped unscathed.

As a general rule, any quake that measures 5.0 or above on the earthquake magnitude scale is going to be able to cause damage. Injuries are also quite a bit more prevalent when talking about quakes of this level and above.

If a quake rattles Rom like this again, do you think the city will be so lucky? Or do you think there’s probably a pretty good chance we will see the city take a bit of damage?