‘RHOBH’ Star Teddi Mellencamp Shows Off Incredible Before And After Pics Of Her Weight Loss

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Teddi Mellencamp is an open book when it comes to her weight loss transformation, frequently telling fans and friends alike about her journey toward a healthier lifestyle. This week on Instagram, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star showed off her dramatic transformation from flabby to fit after her pregnancy in order to help inspire others to find the right balance in their lives.

While she frequently posts transformations featuring her successful clients, Mellencamp doesn’t post images of her own weight-loss journey too often. But this week, she decided to show people how she got fit after having a baby.

In a recent post, the fitness buff showed three images of her bare abs, one taken nearly a year after having a baby, one during what she describes as chaotic eating and working out, and a third showing how she found balance and reached her fitness goals.

In the post, she explains that finding a lifestyle that she can live with was part of the challenge. She discovered that healthy foods rather than processed ones work better for her, and staying active rather than trying to force multiple training sessions got her where she wanted to be.

As the owner of All In By Teddi and a living example of practicing what she preaches, she encouraged followers to check out her business Instagram page for tips and advice.

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I often get asked, “What does going All IN mean?” It means giving completely to a sustainable lifestyle to keep yourself feeling your best. Photo 1 is 10/11 months after having Cruz. Photo 2 is me working out obsessively, drinking protein shakes and putting my body through chaos, not grasping what balance was. Photo 3 is after I went All IN; I finally found that balance: Eating clean foods; no protein shakes & processed junk. Staying active for an hour a day versus cramming in multiple training sessions, trying to create a body and mind that wasn’t healthy or sustainable. The key to making any goal for your life successful is commitment, balance and knowing what you truly want. Once you know what you want, work every day at it, but make sure you are setting yourself up for a #lifestylechange versus a crash diet. For more of my #fittips, please follow @goallinbyteddi

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Mellencamp has been encouraging people to reach their goals for years, and, along with her motivating post, she recently took to her Instagram stories to tell people that it doesn’t happen overnight. She says that it took her five months of being entirely committed to turning her life around after having her baby Cruz to reach her fitness goals.

“[Five] months of 100 percent commitment to change my life,” she wrote. “It’s been 3 years and 3 months since I changed my life and learned it’s a lifestyle change. Not a diet.”

This isn’t the first time that Mellencamp has shared her own struggles to help others. In a post on December 5, she showed a picture of her young self at a higher weight in a red dress. This was contrasted against an image of her now, with toned arms and a tiny waist.

In the caption, she addresses the issue of loose skin, saying that some people are afraid to lose weight because they don’t want loose skin. She says that she has it and tries not to focus on it. Instead, she pays attention to how she feels when she is healthier and says that she has tricks to hide her loose skin, like wearing high-waisted pants and posing with her arm away from her body.

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One of the most asked questions I get is about loose skin. Many wondering what happens to skin once you lose weight? Many afraid to make a change because they don’t want loose skin. Many wondering if I personally have it... OF COURSE I have it. I do my best not to focus on the skin; as long as I am doing the best I can to feel good, focusing on it does me no good. If I am eating with balance and working out then I know my body and mind will do the best it can for me. Through the years, I have developed some habits-- like posing with my arm up because when it lies flat I see it. I wear high-waisted pants so I don’t feel it; but it’s there and THAT IS OK. As long as we continue to tell ourselves that we are not perfect and that is okay, we will develop habits to be nicer to and more understanding of ourselves. That’s what matters most: doing our best to feel good and putting the focus on what’s really important and that isn’t excess skin. It’s a positive #lifestylechange that makes you proud. I sometimes have to remind me to be nice to myself but I am proud. Don’t miss out on making a change just because of some loose skin; go all in and put that skin in the game. #allinbyteddi @allinbyteddimellencamp #lifestylechange

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