Disneyland Guest Jumps Out Of Space Mountain While In Motion, Ride Remains Closed – Guest ‘Didn’t Fall Out’

Danny Cox

There are many safety measures in place for all attractions at the Disney Parks, but sometimes things just happen. On Tuesday afternoon, a guest visiting Disneyland in Anaheim caused one of its major attractions to shut down for days. Space Mountain is still closed as of Thursday afternoon after the guest exited the ride while it was in motion and not only caused it to shut down but brought about numerous safety tests as well.

The OC Register is reporting that a Southern California man in his 20s actually exited his rocket (ride car) while riding Space Mountain on Tuesday, January 29. The attraction was still in motion and after he exited the ride vehicle, he needed to be guided to safety by Disneyland cast members.

Disney officials stated that the man, whose name was not released, did walk to the first aid station inside of Disneyland Park. He was uninjured, but officials still transported him to the hospital so that the guest could undergo a more thorough examination as a precaution.

After the incident took place, numerous reports and a lot of speculation began circulating on social media. There was even a thread on Reddit devoted to the situation. Many began saying that the guest fell out of Space Mountain and others claimed it was a complete hoax.

A medical aid call was placed at Disneyland Park and the Anaheim Police Department did respond. Upon arriving on the scene and assessing the situation, Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt put many rumors to rest and let everyone know that the guest never fell out of Space Mountain.

“He didn’t fall out. He had to maneuver himself around the safety mechanism.”

During a slower portion of Space Mountain’s ride-through, the guest exited the rocket vehicle in the dark. It took place during the attraction’s initial climb and operators stopped motion immediately upon learning he had exited and went to locate him.

It was stated that the guest “used force” to get out of the ride vehicle.

The Anaheim Police Department would not release the name or exact age of the guest who is a male with cognitive disabilities. The police said that at first, there was no police report filed but they did take an “Assist Other Department” incident report.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) was contacted by Disneyland to come out and inspect Space Mountain after the incident. The attraction will remain closed until the inspection is completed and anything needs to be done. So, a guest did not fall out of the ride despite what social media may say, but he did voluntarily exit it.