Is Tracy Wolfson Married?

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

CBS sports reporter Tracy Wolfson will be seen quite a bit during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, and many viewers will be curious to know more about her. What’s the scoop on Wolfson’s personal life? It turns out that Tracy is married to a man named David Reichel and the couple has three adorable boys together.

Tracy Wolfson is currently a reporter for CBS football and basketball games, and she’s been a familiar face on the sidelines for many years now. In addition to talking with coaches, injured players, and others throughout each game, Wolfson has also done sideline reporting for the NBA, college basketball, the U.S. Open, and a handful of other sports.

In terms of Wolfson’s personal life, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in communications. The biography from her website notes that after college, she started working for WZBN in New Jersey where she started her on-air broadcasting work in 2000. She first connected with CBS as a researcher in 1997 and started appearing on air with CBS as a college football sideline reporter in 2004.

Wolfson married David Reichel in a New Year’s Eve ceremony in 2001. The couple recently celebrated their 17th anniversary and Tracy shared a photo from the wedding via her Instagram page to commemorate the event.

Tracy praised her husband for being a great husband, father, and friend, and they certainly seem to be a strong, stable couple. Wolfson lives with Reichel and her three sons in New Jersey, according to her website bio. The couple is raising three boys, Dylan, Ari, and Evan.

In the past, Wolfson has noted that both she and Reichel attended the University of Michigan. However, she told the Jewish Standard, they actually didn’t date until after they had both left the school.

The CBS reporter praises her husband, the parents of her children’s friends, and the family’s local friends for helping keep things together with all the traveling she does for her career. Wolfson says being a mom is her top priority and while she loves her job, at whatever point it doesn’t work for her family, she’ll be done with it.

Not all that much is publicly known about Reichel, and he seems to keep a fairly low profile these days. Despite that, the family photos Wolfson shares via her Instagram page show that he seems to be an involved, happy, and supportive husband and father. There seems to be little doubt that David, Dylan, Ari, and Evan will surely all be rooting for Tracy Wolfson Sunday night as she covers the action from the sidelines during Super Bowl LIII.