Episode 5 Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’: Heather Martin Gets A One-On-One With Colton Underwood

Craig SjodinABC

The episode of The Bachelor airing on Monday, February 4 will play out in Thailand and spoilers reveal that bachelorette Heather Martin will get a one-on-one date with Colton Underwood. This is a big opportunity for this particular contestant and all signs point toward her having a wonderful outing with Colton.

As Heather has revealed already on this season of The Bachelor, per the Inquisitr, she is not only a virgin, but she has never even kissed a guy. It has been fairly clear that she is open to the idea of having Colton share that first kiss with her and this one-on-one will provide the perfect opportunity for it to happen.

According to ABC, Colton and Heather’s date will be the first one shown in Episode 5 Monday night. The Bachelor spoilers note that Underwood and Martin will take a boat ride along the coast of Thailand and they’ll stop at Ko Panyi, dubbed the “floating city.”

Ko Panyi is a city that was built up over the water on stilts and it’s a unique tourism spot that will provide an extraordinary opportunity for Colton and Heather. The Bachelor spoilers share that Underwood and Martin will do some shopping and sightseeing, along with trying some foods popular in the area.

Later, Heather and Colton will share dinner and she will open up about challenges she went through in a former relationship. Will the dinner go well enough to pave the way to a kiss between Underwood and Martin? It seems likely, but that tidbit hasn’t been revealed for certain yet.

Viewers will have to tune in to see if there’s a kiss between these two, but Bachelor spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve do reveal that Heather will get a rose from Colton. Will the sparks fly enough between Underwood and Martin to make her a frontrunner for his final rose? Things may not escalate to quite that point, at least not yet, but it does sound as if she’ll make enough of an impression that the Bachelor star will want to get to know her better.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that there is a lot packed into Episode 5, as Colton will also have a one-on-one with Cassie Randolph, an intense, dramatic group date, and a complicated interaction with contestant Elyse Dehlbom. By the end of the show, three bachelorettes will be heading back to the States without a rose.

Viewers will have to wait and see how long Heather Martin lasts during this journey of Colton Underwood’s, but spoilers at least reveal that she’ll move forward after these Thailand dates. Tune in to see what comes next as Episode 5 of The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 4.