Teen Who Tried To Steal Jet And Fly To Rap Concert Receives Probation

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Zemarcuis Scott, 18, pleaded guilty after trying to steal a commercial jet so he could attend a rap concert, the Texacana Gazette reports. The teen was sentenced to five years of felony probation as a result. Scott appeared in front of Circuit Judge Carlton Jones at the Miller County jail, accompanied by his public defender. The guilty plea included attempted theft of property and commercial burglary.

Prosecutors had alleged that Scott intended to commandeer a twin-engine jet from the Texarkana Regional Airport in the early hours of the morning and fly to see rapper Famous Dex, who was performing in Illinois. He was spotted by airport security as he hopped a fence onto the property around 2:30 a.m. Security personnel contacted local police.

Police arrived to find Scott sitting at the controls of the aircraft, which could hold up to 44 passengers. There was no damage to the jet or airport property. Scott’s bike was found in the bushes nearby.

Scott told investigators his lack of training as a pilot didn’t concern him as he believed operating the aircraft could be simply accomplished by pulling levers and pushing buttons. At a hearing in August at which Scott pleaded not guilty to attempted commercial burglary and attempted theft of property, managing public defender Jason Mitchell asked the court to order an evaluation of Scott’s mental state to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

A psychologist with Southwest Arkansas Counseling and Mental Health Center determined that Scott was indeed mentally competent and as a result could stand trial as planned.

He later indicated that he had considered stealing the plane for quite some time before making the decision to jump the fence and make a run for the cockpit.

As part of the plea agreement, Scott must pay a $1,000 fine, serve two concurrent periods of five years probation, and participate in a mental health treatment plan as dictated by the probation department. While on probation, Scott may not set foot on Texarkana Regional Airport property.

Famous Dex, whose real name is Dexter Gore, was scheduled to perform in Chicago when Scott attempted his trip.