‘Rolling Stone’ Dubs Chance The Rapper’s Doritos Super Bowl Commercial ‘Unwatchable And Borderline Upsetting’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Doritos is known for their infamous Super Bowl commercials that are difficult to forget. This year is no different. The brand has released a new flavor, called Flamin’ Hot Nacho, which will be promoted during the big game this weekend. To sell the product, Doritos enlisted Chance the Rapper to test out the chips. Many didn’t feel the finished product compared to some of the more memorable advertisements the brand has put together in the past, according to the Rolling Stone.

The clip, which was released Tuesday, is only 60 seconds and is estimated to have cost upwards of $5 million dollars to air. It begins with the Chicago-born rapper sitting alone on top of his piano. He then tries a Dorito and is transported to another world with luxury vehicles and planes. The rapper then launches into a remix of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” while surrounded by the band members. “Hot stuff all over my nachos, walkin’ like a taco, driving over potholes, hotter than a pot roast,” he sings. “The original, now it’s hot,” reads the closing line.

Although the video attempts to take viewers on a trip of nostalgia through the throwback hit, many found the clip a bit bizarre. The Rolling Stone was particularly harsh in its critique, calling it, “unwatchable” and “borderline upsetting.” The publication condemned the Dorito brand for using a classic hit to sell their product and turning it into jumbled nonsense. The commercial is a “dreadful piece of advertising disguised as a sickly sweet nostalgia cocktail for the Rap Caviar set,” the publication stated.

Despite the strange nature of the clip, it is already doing its job. Only minutes after it was released, the video was trending on social media and making headlines. In less than two days, the video had attracted over 3 million views on YouTube. Once again, the brand has flexed their strength in marketing by creating content that gets everyone talking. In fact, Doritos is so famous for their Super Bowl advertisements that other brands have tried to emulate their style. Competing companies try to outdo another by creating the most outlandish and over-the-top advertisements as possible.

With typically only a minute or less to sell their product in a convincing way, companies must find a way to capture their audience’s attention and hold it there. Doritos always finds a way to accomplish this, producing some of the most successful advertisements of the Super Bowl.