Kelly Ripa Shares Sexy Photo of Hunky Husband Mark Consuelos To Promo Episode Of ‘Riverdale’

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Riverdale fans were left hanging at the end of Episode 10 after they learned the true identify of the Gargoyle King. But then the plot line took a turn when someone shot the Man in Black, a.k.a. Hiram Lodge, in his own office. The bullet shattered the cup he was holding in his hand as it struck him in the chest. So who did it?

Lodge is dad to Veronica, Archie’s love interest. As a multi-billionaire, he’s one of the richest men in the world on Riverdale and owner of Lodge Industries. His wife Hermione suspects that her hottie hubby Hiram P. Lodge has had a mistress for many years, Mrs. Mulwray, played by none other than his real-life wife Kelly Ripa.

Ripa shared a photo on Instagram of Lodge, played by her hubby Mark Consuelos, and gave a shoutout to the episode where fans would learn just who shot him. In the photo, a grin spreads across his chiseled face, black sunglasses perched across his nose, and his jet-black hair slicked back. A cross necklace dangles onto his chest and a tattoo graces his upper right shoulder. His back and arm muscles ripple in the sunlight as he sits at a poolside table, water glistening in the background.

“Hot #daddy alert! Who shot Hiram? Find out tonight on an all new @thecwriverdale,” Ripa wrote.

A lot of Riverdale fans believe it was Hermione, who has clearly grown sick and tired of her husband’s bullying. He insisted she appoint Claudius Blossom as the new sheriff of Riverdale, but she instead names FP to the job, which really peeved him off. Fans wonder if Hermione suspects her husband has a mistress and if she does, could she be the one clutching the gun?

Others thought it was Archie. Even Veronica believed he’s the culprit. The adorable redhead had an alibi – that he was taking the SAT, except he had a panic attack and left the testing room early. Where did he go? No one knows. Fans wouldn’t blame him, considering Hiram Lodge was the reason why Archie’s life was turned upside down and landed him in jail.

Seventeen magazine proposed Reggie as a plausible suspect. Reggie was upset all throughout that episode and with the return of Archie, Veronica had forgotten all about Reggie. Another possibility was Fred who was heard threatening Hiram earlier in the episode, saying he would “be at peace with whatever the consequences” of shooting Lodge would be.

Tune in to CW tonight and learn what happened to hunky Hiram Lodge on Riverdale.