Jennifer Garner Reportedly Getting Serious With Boyfriend John Miller, Spending Less Time With Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner’s love life is heating up. The actress is said to be getting more and more serious with her boyfriend, John Miller, which means she has less time for her former husband, Ben Affleck.

According to a January 30 report by Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Garner and John Miller’s relationship is going strong. The couple, who have only been dating for a few months, is said to be doing well and have been spending some major time together, which includes family time with their children.

As many fans know, Jen has three children with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. The pair share Violet, Seraphina, and Sam together, while John also has two kids with his ex-wife, concert violinist, Caroline Campbell.

“[Garner and Miller are] in a true honeymoon phase in their relationship and while they’ve spoken about a future together, neither of them are ready to plan a wedding or get engaged. Jen has no interest in jumping into marriage quickly. She only just solidified her divorce so right now she just loves all their time together,” an insider revealed.

In addition, the source reveals that Garner and Miller have a lot in common and that the relationship is much different than the one she previously shared with Affleck.

“Jen has something very different with John than she had with Ben. She and John are both interested in living a healthy lifestyle, working out and eating well, except for the occasional trip to Chick-fil-A! When they aren’t with the kids, they take time on their own seeing movies and having romantic dinners.”

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Of course, Jennifer Garner’s new relationship means that she has less time to spend with Ben Affleck. The pair may be divorced, but they are very close and are often seen out together with their kids, or headed to church. Jen was the person who also allegedly staged an intervention for Ben and drove him to rehab last year when he was suffering from alcohol addiction.

However, Ben is said to be very supportive of Jen’s relationship with John and reportedly regrets a lot of his past behavior. The source reveals that Affleck loves his family, and knows that he should have made them his number one priority in the past, but has been working hard to show his kids and Garner that they can be a family unit, despite the fact that he and Jen have officially ended their marriage.