‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin Sets Ryan Up And The Virus Twin Connection Theory Seems Confirmed

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease that things are going to be getting increasingly intense over the next couple of weeks when it comes to the Ryan and Kevin storyline. Wednesday’s episode contained some bombshell moments and fans are buzzing over the direction things seem to be headed.

Warning: Do not read further if you have not watched Wednesday’s episode!

Fans knew that Ryan had been called to Ferncliff, and when he arrived, Kevin was in bad shape. When Kevin came to, he was blind, and this seems to have just confirmed the theory that had been floating around that this virus would be connected to sets of twins.

During the episode, Anna pieced together that Alex must have been the one who met with Cabot and that twins were targeted. She said that she thought it seemed painfully obvious why she is the one who was impacted by the virus even though she never met Cabot. However, not everybody else is seeing how this all fits together yet.

Some have wondered how it is that Ryan went blind if Kevin was the one who met with Cabot, but now both men have gone blind at almost the same time. There is a lot more to be unveiled yet about this mysterious virus, including how it is that the Cabot meetings took place years ago but people are going blind now.

Fans have also speculated that Drew and Jason might be pulled into this, making for a third set of twins. There has been some buzz, in addition, that ultimately this might all tie back to the mysterious six patients that Peter mentioned more than a year ago.

Peter said that Jason had been Patient 6, but then viewers were left hanging with no further explanation. Now, people are wondering if Alex, Anna, Kevin, Ryan, Drew, and Jason could somehow be the six patients Peter referenced. It may be that there is ultimately no connection between the two storylines, but it does seem like a convenient coincidence if nothing else.

Not only did viewers see the shocker that Kevin is suddenly blind now too, but Ryan taunted Kevin about his latest shenanigans. Viewers had speculated that Kevin might think to give Ryan some incorrect information that could tip someone off that Ryan is not really Kevin. Now, it looks as if the wise doctor has done just that.

As Ryan gloated about pushing Laura away, Kevin thought to claim that he had signed a pre-nuptial agreement that would result in a substantial sum of money in the event of a divorce. Ryan was practically giddy over the idea of a financial windfall that could finance his envisioned getaway with Ava and he probably will waste little time in addressing it with Laura.

Obviously, Laura will be confused when Ryan confronts her about the pre-nuptial agreement as it seems as if there actually wasn’t one and Kevin fabricated it. This surely won’t be enough to tip her off about the switch, but General Hospital spoilers have teased that Laura will start closing in on the truth.

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps tease that Ryan will soon utilize Franco as he tries to cover his tracks and another victim may be on the horizon. How will this twin virus storyline intersect with the Kevin and Ryan switch, and who will be the one to piece it all together? Fans will definitely be watching to see what comes next.